2016 Compilation of Wild Boar Hunt

For some families if into hunting, it’s spending time with family and friends in the woods, especially by doing a wild boar and deer drive.

There is nothing like a good ol’ day in the woods with the gang armed with their favorite long guns, rounding up some hogs and deer.

It definitely tests your skills to shoot ethical shots on the run, can help reduce the boar herd and manage deer herds.

Bottom line, we enjoy hunting, and this is just one tactic that when it comes together, it can be a fun hunt.

Or maybe this version:
We all know that wild boar play havoc on the local ecosystem. They’re invasive, they’re potentially very dangerous, and they aren’t exactly good for the landscape.

That in mind, here’s a compilation of boar hunts and shooting. While these boars (and a few other animals) make tracks, the hunters put them down quickly in the name of conservation– and a good Pulled Pork sandwich or Hawaiian BBQ.

In most -if not all- cases, wildlife officials are more than happy to get rid of wild boars before they start making litters and breeding like mad– or worse, injuring somebody! With the amount of fat and muscle they have, they’re not necessarily easy to put down, and can have sharp tusks that cause serious damage.

It’s good to see hunters taking part in helping the environment in a way that makes for plenty of meat for the freezer in the process.

by Sam Morstan

Source: Potterek81 Youtube