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Getting Real Close to this Hog

There’s close… and then there’s REALLY too close! Watch as a hog almost takes this hunter out.
Let me set the scene: A trio of hounds have a large hog pinned to the ground while a hunter shouts commands from some 15 feet away. Well, at least that’s how it begins. The scenario quickly unravels, however, as the pig suddenly leaps to it’s feet and begins a direct charge forward.

This intense video shows why hog hunting isn’t for the faint of heart. Things can change in a split second, and as you’re about to see, this hunter came within inches of getting seriously hurt – or worse.

Think this guy thanked his lucky stars for getting that shot off at the last second? Talk about fight or flight.

One thing’s for certain – that’s a heck of an adrenaline rush!

Sources: Hit em Hard Outdoors Facebook, Justin Hoffman

2016 Compilation of Wild Boar Hunt

For some families if into hunting, it’s spending time with family and friends in the woods, especially by doing a wild boar and deer drive.

There is nothing like a good ol’ day in the woods with the gang armed with their favorite long guns, rounding up some hogs and deer.

It definitely tests your skills to shoot ethical shots on the run, can help reduce the boar herd and manage deer herds.

Bottom line, we enjoy hunting, and this is just one tactic that when it comes together, it can be a fun hunt.

Or maybe this version:
We all know that wild boar play havoc on the local ecosystem. They’re invasive, they’re potentially very dangerous, and they aren’t exactly good for the landscape.

That in mind, here’s a compilation of boar hunts and shooting. While these boars (and a few other animals) make tracks, the hunters put them down quickly in the name of conservation– and a good Pulled Pork sandwich or Hawaiian BBQ.

In most -if not all- cases, wildlife officials are more than happy to get rid of wild boars before they start making litters and breeding like mad– or worse, injuring somebody! With the amount of fat and muscle they have, they’re not necessarily easy to put down, and can have sharp tusks that cause serious damage.

It’s good to see hunters taking part in helping the environment in a way that makes for plenty of meat for the freezer in the process.

by Sam Morstan

Source: Potterek81 Youtube

Too Close for Comfort

Wild boar hunting is an extreme sport and can be quite dangerous and meant only for the thrill seeking hunters and sharpest shooters.

The following video below shows these hunters really taking this close quarter shooting at a really close distance. The problem is that these guys were pulling it in ways that most would deem unsafe.

Tell that to the boar about to bite their face’s off!

Check these mad pigs out:


Yes, its true that in the video just about every “safe shooting rule” in the book was thrown out the window while trying to get a shot at the charging boar.

From the perspective of the hunter when a wild boar is charging. There isn’t any place to hide, and you have a loaded gun in your hands you may not be thinking too clearly either!

In any event this is a animal that most know is a very dangerous animal and not to be taken lightly. Just make sure that you work out a system that your hunting partner isn’t too close to you, like in the video. Mishap can occur, be safe.

by Craig Raleigh revised by Calstaff

Source: Antler Addicts Facebook

See what a 750 Grain bullet can do

nitro700Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with an elephant gun? Well, these two guys in Florida did.

If you’ve ever wondered what a 750 grain bullet fired from a .577 Nitro would do to a feral hog, then you need to see this video.

Not only is a double rifle a stylish piece of gear for hunting dangerous game in Africa, but it is quite effective against feral hogs as well.


For reference, a typical .30-06 Springfield hunting bullet weighs 165-180 grains. Though this is not small by any means, it is dwarfed by the 293 gr bullet fired by the 9.3x74mm and is absolutely tiny compared to the 750 gr bullets that the .577 Nitro Express shoots.

Though that extreme level of power is not really necessary when hunting hogs, a .577 Nitro is just what the doctor ordered for dealing with a charging cape buffalo. Not surprisingly, a bullet that is designed to reliably stop a charging elephant has no trouble penetrating the entire length of a feral hog.

Not only did these guys get some good practice in prior to going on an elephant hunt, but they got literally a whole truck-load of bacon out of the deal as well!

by John McAdams

Source: Clash Daily Youtube

Hog Speared with GoPro Spear

Hog Speared captured by GoPro

Spoiler alert..
The video below shows a hog being impaled, thrashing, bawling and finally dying.

In this bloody, noisy video, a hunter records footage of a crowd of hogs feeding on bait placed literally at the base of his ladder stand. After a while, he flings a spear with a GoPro camera attached.

The spear hits a hog, which falls over as it should. But then it begins the bawling, slow-dying thrash-fest that most hog hunters have witnessed before.

The GoPro footage is impressive, and even better when the pig tosses dirt all over the camera lens after the spear comes out. That part couldn’t have been planned any better than it happened.

After the porker throws the spear, it keeps thrashing and squealing as it lies on the ground. To me, this is when a hunter should climb down, get over there, and finish that hog swiftly. That doesn’t happen here.

At 3:28, the hunter throws another spear, in an attempt to finish the swine, but he clearly misses. A short segue later, the spear has magically been relocated into the hog. Hmmm.

Clearly, someone on the ground pulled the spear and stabbed it into the pig’s ribs. Yet we hear the spear thrower’s exultation: “Aw man, I got him.”


Afterward, there is a mysterious passage of time. There seems to be plenty of daylight when the kill takes place, but it’s dark when the “hunter” finally hunkers by his quarry. Around 3:53, he starts talking.

“I finally stuck one with my spear and my GoPro.”

He later adds, “Give us a call. You could be doin’ this yourself.”

Yeah, I don’t think I will. I crave cleaner kills, myself.

by Russ Chastain

Source: B.F. Reeves Jr Youtube