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Combine a dumb deer and some bad Shooting

And you’ve got the Funniest Bow Hunting fail.
We’ve all had those days in the stand when nothing seems to go right. It could be wind direction, out-of-range deer, or simply a missed shot. But if you think you’ve had some misfortune, try taking a look at this video without cracking a smile. (You’ll also realize your worst day wasn’t that bad after all!)

Tim Wells was the man behind the camera as his wife took part in a tree stand deer hunt. With a doe standing directly beneath her, it looks like a done deal. But as you’re about to see, this was one lucky deer – or should we say, five times lucky!

Watch how this comedy of errors unfold:

It doesn’t get much better than that! Makes you wonder if this deer realized that if she just stood still, she’d live to tell this funny tale. Not sure if she’s the world’s stupidest deer… or perhaps the smartest!

And this one-liner from Wells is pretty hilarious:

“Well there was one night with my wife that I’ll never forget and it wasn’t our honeymoon.”

Sources: Tim Wells Youtube, Justin Hoffman

Fast Shoot 3 Bucks in 35 Seconds

While participating in a party hunt, this hunter (John Oens) shoots 1 ten point and 2 eight point bucks in 35 seconds with an Ithaca Deer slayer III with a 20 gauge. The first buck is at the 200 yard range but the Hornady SST slugs does its job.

This shooting skill is off the charts. Try doing this, yourself! It’s difficult task to harvest two bucks in one hunt, much less three.

The hunter and his uncle are driving the deer which forces them up on their feet and gives the hunters their shots. Though it seems like he shoots a lot, the hunter is a pretty good shot by downing three deer with limited ammo locked and loaded.

All three bucks are good sized deer. The gun is pretty darn accurate as you can tell by the first semi-long distance shot to finish off the first deer behind the tree.

When it’s all said and done the hunter harvests two 8-pointers and one 10-pointer in 35 seconds.

Video Transcription

Alright, just to give you some background before all the shooting starts: I’m making a Deer drive with family and friends when I’m walking through the center of this piece, and I notice that herd of deer are trying to cut out the side of our drive. So I picked out a nice buck at what looks like about two-hundred yards, he stops with his head just behind a tree, and I take a shot.

[Shooting and pursuit]

Alright, so while I’m working my way up this hill to check on my first buck I shot at, I wanna tell you about the shotgun that I’m using. I’m shooting the Ithaca Deer Slayer III, chambered in 20 gauge. This was a 200-yard gun. It’s accurate, it’s reliable, it’s made like a rifle, and it looks like a shotgun. And I’m shooting Hornady SSTs out of it.

Alright, let’s take another look at this thirty-five seconds of shooting. Buck number one at the top of the hill, he goes right down. Then I fire a couple more rounds at these bucks that’re running. They run toward my uncle, and you’ll hear him shoot a couple times. I shoot at another buck, and then two more come from back by my uncle. So buck number two is hit, buck number three is hit. Then this shot finishes buck number three.

So here we are back to buck number one, looking for him, I’m making my way to the top of the hill, and then I see him move. I’ll take one more shot to put him down. I just approach him to make sure that he’s finished off, and he’s a decent eight-pointer. Then I have to go track down buck number two. Here’s number three, he’s still down. Decent little eight-pointer. Then I look for blood and find some, and here’s buck number two. Nice little ten-pointer. That’s three bucks in thirty-five seconds. Some meat in some freezers, another good day for me.

Sources: petenrock Youtube, Nathan Unger

Coyotes has a big Impact on Deer Population

When coyotes pack up, big game is no match for these killers. Witness this stunning game camera footage of a whole pack of coyotes on the hunt.

Seeing fewer deer this season? Well a coyote pack this size or larger just may be devouring your game.

A single coyote is a formidable predator. Now, combine multiple coyotes, and their killing power increases to large game with no issues. Craig Kavajecz shared on Facebook a video that just may shock you. At least eight coyotes by our count make their way down this trail in search of prey. Now, that is a team of killers with a swagger.

If coyotes are in your hunting territory, let them know who’s boss. If not, expect to see less game next season.

Source: Craig Kravacjecz Facebook, Eric Nestor

11 Yr Old boy with Cerebral Palsy Blood trails First Buck

It’s a heart warming video that will make you smile. This video courtesy of Dana Sanders is just that. Watch this young boy with Cebreal Palsy track a deer, and there will be quite the big smile on your face.

It’s definitely a Kodak moment with family. The fact that this family was able to have this experience is something they are sure to never forget.

Source: Dana Sanders Facebook, Alex Comstock

One heck of a Shot with a Bow

When it comes to a bowhunting kill shot, this hunter got this shot down. This is the best way to the shortest blood trail. The goal is to get any good hit in the vital organs. This hunter hits it in the pump and its not going far.

Here’s the video:

What makes this shot so great is that putting an arrow past the back leg, behind the front, and right in the heart is both amazing and really fortunate.

Congratulations to this excellent hunter, and may we all have such a short blood trail to follow as this hunter!

Source: Michael King Facebook

Hit em with your Best Shot

Where to Bulls-Eye a deer

Earlier in my years I had learned the skill of tracking, but as you know its a perishable skill. If you don’t track much, chances are you wouldn’t be a good tracker. My thought was that if I can track, this would help me track my game once its been hit with my arrow. What I didn’t know was where you hit your game matters in terms of being able to track it down or never finding it.

As in tracking where you look for the tell tale sign within the bushes of where the game has gone. It’s important to look at the blood on your arrow which tells you about your shot placement.

Take a look at the video below to get some great descriptions of exactly what to look for on your arrows and see just how well placed your shot was.

Video Transcription

Shot placement on a deer is critical to a successful hunt, and each type of shot will lead to a different consistency of blood.

Gut shot: This is the least desirable shot you wanna make on any animal. Initially, the deer will run a few yards, then arch its back, tuck its tail, and walk away or bed down. The arrow will not only stink of guts, but will have brownish-red blood on it, along with greenish plant matter.

Ham shot: You might get lucky in recovering your deer if you sever one of the femoral arteries on either side of the hind leg. Initial reaction will be similar to a gut shot deer, and the blood will be red, though the arrow will often break off in its ham.

Liver shot: These shots are lethal, but take longer to kill the deer. Blood trails will be strong initially, but will typically lessen as the trail continues. Dark, almost burgundy-colored blood may indicate a hit in the liver or kidneys.

Lung shot: A lung shot or double lung-shot is always a good place to aim, and your deer won’t run far. The blood on your arrow will be a very specific pinkish-red color, and covered in air bubbles.

Heart shot: One of the best shots you can make. You know you’ve made this shot when the deer makes the famous ‘mule kick’. The arrow will be covered in a crimson-red blood, along with some blood usually found after a shot to the lungs.

by Chris Buckner

Source: Rated Red Youtube, Abby Casey

Big Nutz

Something isn’t right with a buck nicknamed ‘Big Nutz.’
With a name like Big Nutz, it’s pretty easy to guess how the deer got it’s nickname. Jeremy Beck posted a video on Instagram that has the hunting community scratching their heads. Some think it’s a tumor, while other think it’s an STD of some sort. Regardless of the cause, it look painful and very uncomfortable.

See how this buck earned its nickname.

A video posted by Jeremy Beck (@lift2hunt) on

This buck could be the butt of about a million one line jokes, but we will leave it as that.

What do you think is the cause of this abnormality?

by Jake Hofer

Source: lift2hunt Instagram, Jeremy Beck

This guy missed this Deer…Thirteen times

This guy can be the next American Sniper, no not likely.
Ok maybe he’s just having a bad day. A very bad day. Maybe he’s experimenting a bent barrel, or using a lighter grain ammo.

Amazingly, the buck barely moves in between misses. The range is unknown, but it must be a long shot. You are also able to see the bullet’s vapor trail on the video.

One would think after several rounds of misses, the hunter would make some adjustments or kentucky wind it. Goes to show how difficult precision long-range shooting can be, with many factors to account for such as swirling winds and the inconsistencies in ammunition.

That deer has nine lives.

Source: Justin Finche Facebook

Freeing Locked-up Bucks – take Caution

Freeing locked-up bucks is always risky, generally locked-up bucks are usually dead. Antler entanglement is the norm, while fighting can lead to the demise of some whitetail. The video below highlights our upstanding heroes untangling the two gladiators. Unfortunately, one buck has succumbed to exhaustion or injury and had a portion of his hind quarters eaten by a predator. The other is trying to rid himself of his adversary.

There were a few tense moments in the clip, and luckily, these guys brought extra tools in order to finish the job. Hunters like these are the truest of sportsmen. They have respect and the utmost compassion for the quarry they chase.

by Justin Hoffman revised by Calsports

Source: Rachel Wallaby Youtube

Hunting Myth Buster: Never gut a deer near your Treestand

Ever Wonder what happens to that gut pile? Camera Trail record shows

You’ve heard it before: you should never gut a deer near your treestand. At least, that is a popular theory. As the saying goes, if you gut a deer near your stand, it will scare all the deer that frequent the area away. However, are there any facts to back up this claim, or debunks it?

Well, yes. Here’s what was found.

After quite a bit of research into this topic, I was able to find this study done by Dr. James C. Kroll, who replicated gut piles all over the woods and placed trail cams right on top of the piles. Two kinds of animals were always the first to show up to the pile within hours of its placement: shockingly, deer and crows. Some deer even licked the gut piles, but at the very least, they were heavily investigated. Deer did not respond negatively at all.

Watch this video below to see this exact evidence. Deer and crows are right there to check it out.

So what do you think? The next time you gut a deer, will you stop dragging it a half mile away from your stand?

For a guy like me, that sounds like a winner of an idea, especially if it has no impact on the hunting area at all.

Source: Annasophia1845’s Youtuber