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Levi Morgan Back at Mathews

Ten-time Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan, returns to Mathews’ Pro Staff more confident than ever.

levi-morgan“When you’re competing at this level, consistency is everything. I need to go into every tournament knowing my bow will hold its tune.” says Morgan. “That’s what I had with Mathews for 15 years. They make the best tuning, most accurate bows in the world.”

Born and raised in Rosman, North Carolina, Morgan began competing in archery tournaments at age six. Since first signing with Mathews at age 18, he has become one of the most decorated archers of all-time. His long list of accomplishments includes 8 World Championships, 40 National Championships, 10 Shooter of the Years, 3 Triple Crowns, and 10 World Records.

“I was super impressed with Mathews’ new target bows,” says Morgan, “I shot perfect scores on my first three rounds shooting the new TRX, which has made me more confident than ever going into this season.”

Morgan, and his wife Samantha, return to Mathews’ dominant Pro Staff just one month after 5 time World Cup Champion, Jesse Broadwater, also joined the team shooting the new TRX.

“Levi Morgan is the best 3D shooter of this century and we’re excited to have him back,” says Mathews Pro Staff Manager, Derek Phillips. “I think it speaks volumes to what we have created for our new target line. It’s catching a lot of attention from the best competitors in target archery.” The Morgans also return to Mathews’ Hunting Pro Staff, hosting the Sportsman Channel’s show, “Name the Game”.

On the hunting side, Morgan is shooting the new Halon 32, while Samantha is shooting the 2017 AVAIL, Mathews’ all-new women’s bow.

Follow Levi, Samantha and the rest of Team Mathews through the 2017 tournament season on Mathew’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Mathews Archery

Mathews Archery has been committed to elevating the archery experience for over 25 years. All Mathews bows are designed and built in Sparta, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and distributed through independent retailers around the world. Experience the full line of premier target and hunting bows at mathewsinc.com.

One heck of a Shot with a Bow

When it comes to a bowhunting kill shot, this hunter got this shot down. This is the best way to the shortest blood trail. The goal is to get any good hit in the vital organs. This hunter hits it in the pump and its not going far.

Here’s the video:

What makes this shot so great is that putting an arrow past the back leg, behind the front, and right in the heart is both amazing and really fortunate.

Congratulations to this excellent hunter, and may we all have such a short blood trail to follow as this hunter!

Source: Michael King Facebook

Hit em with your Best Shot

Where to Bulls-Eye a deer

Earlier in my years I had learned the skill of tracking, but as you know its a perishable skill. If you don’t track much, chances are you wouldn’t be a good tracker. My thought was that if I can track, this would help me track my game once its been hit with my arrow. What I didn’t know was where you hit your game matters in terms of being able to track it down or never finding it.

As in tracking where you look for the tell tale sign within the bushes of where the game has gone. It’s important to look at the blood on your arrow which tells you about your shot placement.

Take a look at the video below to get some great descriptions of exactly what to look for on your arrows and see just how well placed your shot was.

Video Transcription

Shot placement on a deer is critical to a successful hunt, and each type of shot will lead to a different consistency of blood.

Gut shot: This is the least desirable shot you wanna make on any animal. Initially, the deer will run a few yards, then arch its back, tuck its tail, and walk away or bed down. The arrow will not only stink of guts, but will have brownish-red blood on it, along with greenish plant matter.

Ham shot: You might get lucky in recovering your deer if you sever one of the femoral arteries on either side of the hind leg. Initial reaction will be similar to a gut shot deer, and the blood will be red, though the arrow will often break off in its ham.

Liver shot: These shots are lethal, but take longer to kill the deer. Blood trails will be strong initially, but will typically lessen as the trail continues. Dark, almost burgundy-colored blood may indicate a hit in the liver or kidneys.

Lung shot: A lung shot or double lung-shot is always a good place to aim, and your deer won’t run far. The blood on your arrow will be a very specific pinkish-red color, and covered in air bubbles.

Heart shot: One of the best shots you can make. You know you’ve made this shot when the deer makes the famous ‘mule kick’. The arrow will be covered in a crimson-red blood, along with some blood usually found after a shot to the lungs.

by Chris Buckner

Source: Rated Red Youtube, Abby Casey

Duck Hunting with a Bow

Is this a trend in hunting?
Turns out this is a thing: bow hunting for ducks.
So, you practice with your bow all the time? I thought I was pretty good with my bow. Then I watched Tim Wells video below.

Duck hunting with a bow is a huge challenge. Shooting well with a bow like Tim, takes a lot of practice. Its amazing to see him take out several birds while they were flying. Being able to shoot a bow well makes you appreciate having a shotgun.

I know people who have a hard time leading a duck with a shotgun; not to mention, one of those birds was hit perfectly in the head. The beautiful slow-motion footage just rubs salt in the wound.

Let’s face it: this is some amazing footage and even better shooting. Now, watch the video again and keep an eye on his bow. That’s right; he doesn’t use sight pins. Awesome! How many of you have tried duck hunting with a bow?

by Jake VanDeLaare

Source: Tim Wells Youtube