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A Cyber Monday Deal With A Bass Twist

Who needs to order a flat screen TV or a pair of boots? How about a real special Cyber Monday gift.

Here’s our friends Marc and Amy Mitrany from the Ojai Angler: 






Special offer for CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL 2 people for the price of 1 — Limited offer 7 available.

* Half day fishing trip special, $275.00 for two people on the Bass Boat (Reg. $325.00)

* Full day fishing trip special, $375.00 two people on the Bass Boat (Reg. $425.00)

* 20% OFF PONTOON BOAT 4 or more Anglers!

This Gift Certificate is valid any time at Lake Casitas for the year 2015!



 You can use them for yourself or for anyone on your Holiday list who loves the sport of fishing, OR for that someone that would enjoy learning and experiencing something new!


Stocking stuffers of Lunker Potion Fish Attractant!

My Guides Favorite when using artificial baits!

3 pack for $15.00 and FREE shipping!

A must have in your tackle box!


 Thank you, Marc and Amy Mitrany

Talk and Text 805-701-2835

Outside of US 1-800-572-6230

18th consecutive years in business at Beautiful Lake Casitas and Castaic Lake.

Guides – Marc Mitrany – Kurt Ebken – K.C. Ebken

We practice CATCH and RELEASE for the next generation and the NEXT!

TrackingPoint Firearms’ Black Friday Contest


Pflugerville, TEXAS (November 28, 2014)—TrackingPoint™, creator of the world’s first and only Precision-Guided Firearm systems, today announced it will gift customers a free 3-day trip to Las Vegas with select Precision-Guided Firearms purchased between Black Friday (November 28th) and December 8th. The Trip will include free tactical training at the renowned Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Elite Experience Las Vegas is a 2-night, 3-day bonus gift that includes airfare, hotel and meals all covered by TrackingPoint. All TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm models qualify for the gift except the Semi-Auto 5.56.

For more information about the Las Vegas Elite Experience, starting Black Friday (November 28th) visit:

About TrackingPoint:
TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in rifles, enabling anyone to make extraordinary shots on moving targets at extreme distances.




Statistics show that number of anglers in the country is growing at a slow-but-steady rate. These new fishermen need help and guidance from experienced anglers to make the jump from enthusiast to full-fledged angler, but one look at “kid-friendly” fishing equipment shows a big lack of quality. Cartoon character rods and low-quality lures with dull hooks don’t win over many hearts.

Ever inspect the “soft” plastic grubs that come in the “Free Tackle Pack!” that comes with those cartoon rods? They’re so stiff they don’t even swim. Many fishing gear companies talk a good game about reaching young anglers, but when time comes to put up or shut up, all you hear is crickets.



Rebel Lures knows kids, and crickets, too, for that matter. The company has long manufactured lures that kids naturally gravitate to, like little crawfish and amphibian floater/divers, small minnow imitations and assorted insect baits, including crickets.



So it’s a natural that Rebel takes the first serious step to creating an industry niche for kids’ tackle. Unlike what’s currently available, though, Rebel’s new kids’ line of lures is not just cheap, downsized versions of larger baits. Rebel engineers looked at the problems kids face when making the transition from worm-and-bobber to artificial lures, and corrected those issues with the creation of the new Rebel MicroCritter lineup.



“Young anglers need lures that are safe for them to use by themselves. That’s what we made with the MicroCritter series – a high-quality line of lures that are fun for kids to use and safer than what’s on the market,” said Rebel Lures general manager Bruce Stanton. “And, they catch plenty of fish.”

The MicroCritter series consists of a tiny MicroCrawfish, MicroMinnow, MicroHopper and a MicroPop-R. One problem with most ultralight lures is the tiny treble hooks, which often require needle-nose pliers to remove from the fish, and can end a trip in a hurry if one sticks in the angler’s skin past the barb. Rebel replaced these barbed treble hooks with a single, barbless hook. Many youngsters want to unhook the fish themselves, and a slippery, flopping fish with multiple treble hooks thrashing back and forth can be dangerous.



“Kids love these baits because they look just like little insects and fish, and adults appreciate how we made them safer,” Stanton said. “The single barbless hook gives anglers an easier hookset, easier hook removal, and no emergency room visits to get hooks unstuck from a youngster’s skin. With barbless, the hook pulls right out. Kids catch more fish, and in a safer manner, all by themselves.”

Rebel’s Micro Critters series catch almost all species of fish, another plus for young anglers who don’t care if it’s a bass or a bluegill. These super-realistic mimics of crawfish, grasshoppers and minnows represent common forage for fish everywhere they swim.

“We talk about these lures being safer for kids to use, but they’re also better for the fish, too,” said Stanton. “With easier hook removal, a youngster can get the fish back into the water faster, ensuring it’s there to help create another angler in the future.”


Welcome to the wonderful world of gourmet food smoking. An exciting realm of delicious food adventure awaits you! Enjoy endless possibilities for delicious food that will keep everyone coming back for more!


Bradley Smoker specializes in meat- and food-smoking products, along with a variety of electric smokers, bisquettes, and smoking accessories.

Whether you’re a chef, sportsman, outdoors type or a weekend food warrior, food smoking is a great way to enhance the flavors of foods. Get started on your food-smoking journey and learn why virtually all cultures and all cuisine types from around the world have been smoking foods for hundreds if not thousands of years. Are you ready to get started on your own food-smoking journey?

Side Shot(1)

The full range of Bradley Smokers makes culinary pursuits a pleasure! Whether you choose the Bradley Original or one of our digital models, a Bradley Smoker gives you a self-contained, clean burning smoker that requires very little attendance.


The Bradley system is uniquely designed to provide consistent temperature settings. With controllable temperature, time, and smoke environments, high temperatures and heat spikes that release gases, acids or resins that distort the appearance and flavor of smoked foods are avoided. This means great smoked flavor and no bitter aftertaste.

Bradley Smokers are insulated for use year-round, regardless of outside air temperature. Easy to set smoke volume, cooking duration and temperature controls remove the guesswork and uncertainty often associated with food smoking and gives you perfect results each and every time!

Most Engaging:

Boulder Boat Works And Scientific Anglers News

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot with Boulder Boat Works and Scientific Anglers

In mid-September, we were honored to be invited to provide boats and oarsmen for a photo shoot with the marketing department from Scientific Anglers. Photographer extraordinaire, Tim Romano called the shots on the Upper Colorado River, while coordinating three boats, a bunch of fishy goofballs and some cooperative trout. Under bright blue, Indian Summer skies we smiled for the camera each time we floated past Tim. We would float around a bend and there he was, up to his chest in the water with his camera half submerged. We would float a little farther and there he was again, perched on a rock out cropping, high above the river. When you see an ad for Scientific Anglers in 2015, look for the beautiful Boulder Boat Works drift boats in the background!

Tim Romano and Brad Befus

Tim Romano working his magic with angling ace Brad Befus

Upper Colorado Photo Session

Trout charmer, Allie Marriott helping a trout smile for the underwater camera

Coming Soon…
Trout Unlimited Edition BBW Pro Guide Drift Boat

Boulder Boat Works is very proud to be teaming-up with Trout Unlimited to offer all the best features available in the world’s greatest driftboat. Not only will these BBW clients end up with an incredibly unique boat, they will be helping coldwater fish and their habitats. If you are considering a BBW boat in 2015, ask us about the TU Edition.

For more information, call or email Steve at: 303-678-0055

Used Driftboat Sale


Used Driftboat SaleGoing Once, Going Twice, SOLD!
Used BBW CRT Drift Boat For Sale

We see only a few used BBW boats come up for sale each year… and they sell fast. This one came available as its owner has moved to the salt water and didn’t want it to sit unused. Lucky for you!! This opportunity is even more rare, in that it is a Convertible River Taxi. We began selling the CRT just 4.5 years ago, so there have been very few used CRT’s available.

2013 CRT High Side – 15’ 10” length
Includes used BBW galvy trailer, oars, cover, and anchor (all in great shape)
Price: $9,700 (msrp $13,974) – SOLD!


That’s what I heard my son, Wyatt, yell every time we floated this year. And it was. Who knew that fish like water? Rivers up and down the Rockies had plenty of cold, clear water. The fishing started great and has held strong. While we are hoping for another river trip (or two) this year, we will also spend some time over the next couple months following bird dogs, elk and deer. And of course, we are still building the World’s Greatest Drift Boats Monday through Friday!

Wyatt and Lefty

Wyatt and his dog Lefty on the Upper Gunnison River in August

Michele with Gunnison Brown

Wyatt’s mom Michele (and Lefty) admires a pretty Gunnison River Brown

Breaking Shop Dog News… Meet Gus!

Say hello to our newest shop dog, Gus. Gus joined our crew a few months back. While he hardly seems to notice the other shop dogs (Lefty, Ruger, Percy and Fair), he does show lightning fast response to dog treats.  With Walrus (on land) type agility, Gus can put a smile on anyone’s face when he “sort of” runs to greet you.  Stop in and say hi to Gus and the rest of our shop dogs anytime.  Beers shared at 4:30pm daily.

Shop Dog Gus 1

Shop Dog Gus 2

Check out all of our drift boats on our website:

America’s #1 selling polymer drift boat – Made in USA

Trout Unlimited Endorsed Business

email: • phone: 303-678-0055
802 B South Sherman St., Longmont, CO 80501

Custom Handguns Introduced

The Brown Bear (BOND ARMS)

The Brown Bear (BOND ARMS)

The Brown Bear and Big Bear models will be in stores in the coming weeks

GRANBURY, TX, October 15, 2014—For the first time ever, Californians will be able to purchase the unique, Derringer-style Bond Arms pistols from a local dealer. Re-tooled versions of the company’s popular USA Defender, Big Bear and Brown Bear models were designed specifically to be sold in California. The handguns are now shipping and will be available in stores, such as Turner’s Outdoorsman, in the coming weeks.

“California has a robust outdoor market and we’ve worked very hard to have our products available in this state,” says Bond Arms president Gordon Bond. “We’ve been receiving requests from people in California for years, and now they’ll finally be able to experience a Bond firearm. Right now two models, the Big Bear and Brown Bear, are available, but we’re in the process of getting approval for our signature, interchangeable barrels as well.”


The Big Bear (BOND ARMS)

The Big Bear (BOND ARMS)

Both models have a .45 Colt cartridge and have an MSRP of $524, which includes a holster. The two guns are similar, but have their own distinct style, with the Brown Bear sporting an engraved California bear on the wood grip, and the Big Bear featuring a black, rubberized grip and galvanized gray barrel.

Bond Arms has become very well known in the outdoor industry for modifying the classic Derringer-style handguns with improved technology and craftsmanship.

Social Media:
Twitter: @GordonBondArms

Avedon & Colby Launch Signature Line of Performance Field Wear

Avedon and Colby

(Madison, WI) After 30-plus years designing and supervising the manufacturing of over 500 individual styles of distinctive garments and accessories for iconic brands like Willis & Geiger, Orvis,

Beretta, Woolrich and Eddie Bauer, Burt Avedon and Susan Colby have launched a new line of high?performance field wear under their own label: Avedon & Colby. The first garment in the new collection is their Signature Field Shirt, which was introduced on Kickstarter® (search “field shirt” on Kickstarter) and online on October 1st, 2014.

Burt Avedon, a WW II Navy fighter pilot, former Top Gun instructor and president of Willis & Geiger from 1978 until 1999, was inspired to launch the Avedon & Colby Signature Collection on his 90th birthday. “I figured there was no time left to waste, so Susan and I pulled out the stops to get our ideas down on paper and into production”, Avedon explained. “Then somebody asked me ‘Why start at 90?’ and I replied ‘Why the hell not?’ ”

Designed with the philosophy “function not fashion”, the new field shirt incorporates 19 distinct performance features: some “signature” features they developed over the past 40+ years – and two new innovations never seen in a field shirt before.

“Our objective was to create the most comfortable, most functional field shirt you’ll ever wear,” Avedon continued. “So, when it came to quality and attention to detail, we spared nothing. From our

100 percent cotton long?staple bush poplin – in historic “tea?dyed” British Tan – to quality details only found on fine?tailored shirts, we’re confident our Signature Field Shirt will live up to the standards of those who require the very best – and then some.”

Avedon concluded, “Susan and I are very excited to be back to designing premium performance garments for ourselves once again – the way we did together in the early Willis & Geiger days.”

The new Signature Field Shirt is available on Kickstarter until October 31 (search “field shirt”), and can also be pre?ordered on the Avedon & Colby website: The shirt will retail for $179.

About Avedon & Colby

Burt Avedon: After a distinguished career as a Navy fighter pilot serving in combat during both World War II and Korea – and later as a test pilot, Top Gun instructor and a bush pilot in Africa — Burt purchased Willis & Geiger in 1978. Founded in 1902, Willis & Geiger was the major creditor to the original Abercrombie & Fitch when it went into bankruptcy in 1977?78. Armed with a Navy?financed Harvard MBA and three years’ experience as a professional hunter in British East Africa, Burt set about to revive the bankrupt company by re?introducing improved and entirely new versions of many of the iconic Willis & Geiger styles that had so capably outfitted adventurers and explorers like Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and others. When Land’s End closed

Willis & Geiger in 1999 during a company?wide downsizing, Burt and Susan launched their design and consulting firm, Avedon & Colby, to create premium performance wear and accessories for leading outdoor and lifestyle brands.

Susan Colby: Susan joined Burt at Willis & Geiger in 1986 with an art degree from Smith College following a successful career as first an art teacher, then as a member of Westinghouse’s Design Center, Associated Merchandising Corporation, and finally at Paul Stuart/NYC as a designer and buyer.

Together, Burt and Susan designed garments and accessories for Willis & Geiger that blended the classic good taste of a bygone era of wilderness exploration with high?performance features never before seen by outdoor enthusiasts. They continued this tradition after the close of Willis & Geiger, designing premium performance clothing and accessories for leading outdoor and lifestyle brands like Orvis, Beretta, Woolrich, King Ranch, Kevin’s and Eddie Bauer.


Atlas-Mike: A Leader In Fishing Scents

Scent grouping

The Good Sense In Using Scents

By Trey Carskadon

2014 has provided some compelling challenges for freshwater anglers. Scarce water has drawn down a number of popular reservoirs and pulled dozens of rivers and streams to a trickle. There’s pluses and minuses in dealing with these challenges.  Certainly, less water confines fish to smaller areas but it often results in warmer water which profoundly affects the bite on salmonids (salmon, steelhead and trout) but can excite the bite in warmwater species like bass, bluegill and other panfish.

In all cases, you’ll likely have to be more stealthy and pay even closer attention to the fine details.  That means longer casts with lighter line and work to keep your gear further away from the boat.  Certainly, fluorocarbon leaders are one of the many details that pay dividends but one that’s often overlooked and should be used even when conditions are optimum are scent products.

Over the years, scents have been misunderstood. They’re popular in northern California, the northwest and into Alaska but receive surprisingly little use in other parts of the country.  This is due in large part to them being oversold as some kind of magic in a bottle. “Just put this stuff on and stand-back.”

Still, scents are as essential to fishing success as sharp hooks, matched rods and reels and selecting the right bait or lure. Outstanding results are the product of doing lots of things right consistently.

At the very least, scents mask potentially offensive human odors. Ideally, they cause fish to commit to the bait more aggressively than not using scents.  That is, timid biters become aggressive biters.

Bass for example, respond exceptionally well to scents.  Look at the popularity of scented worms to confirm that.  Crawdad scents, baitfish and nightcrawler are all excellent choices.  Understanding what the forage is in the area and duplicating the profile and look (color) of the bait while applying the appropriate scent is a strong strategy.  Having fished numerous plastic worm types, there’s no doubt that a dab of scent results in bass staying with the bait longer than plastics fished without scent.

Salmon, steelhead and trout are suckers for scent too.

Salmon, Chinook salmon especially, have a large olfactory nerve and acute sense of smell. Appealing to that sense and using sardine, herring or even garlic scent delivers a significant advantage to the angler than those who choose to forego the use of scent products. The same is true for steelhead and trout.  Shrimp oil has been a longtime favorite for steelhead and nightcrawler and minnow scents have been winners for trout.

Garlic scents have come on strong for a number of fish species this past decade.  From bass to salmon, guides and recreational anglers have taken to using garlic based scents on plugs and baits.

Atlas-Mike’s has been a world leader in the development of scent products for fishing. Mike’s scent oils are legendary and have been used far and wide by steelhead and salmon anglers for eons. Mike’s Lunker Lotions and UV scents have come on strong in recent years adding even more horsepower to these tried-and-true scent products.

Atlas-Mike’s, also the makers of dozens of different salmon eggs used for fishing, has taken these scents to new levels with tested amino acids, colors and UV enhancements that make their scents even more effective than ever.

But Mike’s would be the first to admit…they are not the silver bullet in fishing.  Scents are an essential detail that shouldn’t be overlooked and will help in convincing fish that your offering is the one to bite.

And that is the good sense in the use of scents.

(920) 563-2046

Dad’s Jerky: Great Taste In Three Easy Steps

Located in Lake Isabella, Dad’s jerky offers delicious products ranging from traditional jerky to dried fruit and nuts.

The art of intense flavor for the do-it-yourselfer

Perfect, intense flavor, that’s all you want. Dad’s began in the home kitchen, went on to processing thousands of pounds of whole muscle beef a month and back to teaching others to make the “perfect batch.” Our commitment is to help you achieve perfection and that’s a promise.

Effective experience, ingredients and equipment

Processing meat and developing the perfect marinade has put us in front of many people. There is always one question: “How do I…”Our sole mission is to help you to process the perfect batch with free advice and great supplies.

We know by public response we have the perfect flavor Injector.

Dad’s is running our ad this month because we know we’re all going into the “roasting months.” Inject that big hunk of meat with some intense flavor, fill the house with intense aroma and wait for that intensely wonderful feast! It’s our goal to help you do that.

We focus by keeping it simple. Whether you buy equipment and want to know how to use it, need a recipe or have a return, we guarantee that we will make you happy. With our satisfaction guarantee and customer service, you can’t lose.

Contact: or call 1-866-905-3759.