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Halibut Derby Coming To Dana Wharf



The following is courtesy of  Dana Wharf Sportfishing:

10th annual Halibut Derby is Nov. 1-March 31, 2018.
Prizes awarded
1st place $1,500
2nd place $750
3rd place $500
4th place $250
5th place $100
Top 25 anglers will compete in the FREE FISH OFF halibut drift trip on Sunday, April 8


Join a halibut drift day trip or board any open party local trip ($5 entry fee).
Plus – have the chance to win tons of prizes.
For details, rules and regulations visit
(888) 224-0603

Tips For A Kids’ First Fishing Trip

The following press release is courtesy of Fresno-based Outdoor Empire:

father fishing with daughter

Virginia State Parks Staff

Few memories last as long as those surrounding your first fishing trip ( family’s first RV trip maybe? ). You probably still remember the sights, sounds and smiles of the occasion vividly, and you probably look back on the outing fondly. Now, so many years later, it is time to introduce your children to angling.

You certainly don’t have to do anything fancy to introduce children to the sport, but it helps to have a good game plan in place.

After all, you may be introducing your children to a lifelong hobby, and you want to get started on the right foot.


Good Gear for Kids

a boy in front of fishing netsAdult anglers often enjoy using the most complicated and nuanced tackle and presentations possible in pursuit of their quarry, but this is obviously not a good idea for youngsters. When fishing with kids, simplicity is the name of the game.

This means that it is best to use cane poles or spinning reels instead of bait-casting gear or other complicated systems.

You should probably start young children out by fishing with a bobber and live bait, instead of lures, which is more likely to become snagged on the bottom, and will take some skill to cast and retrieve properly.

Additionally, kids will often appreciate being able to see their float bounce and bob around in the water, rather than trying to use a submersible lure, which requires them to feel and interpret the location of the bait.

To fish this way, you’ll need

  1. A pole strung with lightweight (4- to 8-pound-test will suffice) fishing line. To this, you’ll need to attach a float or bobber, with a small hook (#8 to #12) tied to the end of the line.
  2. A live bait of your choice can then be threaded on the hook. Sometimes, you may need to attach a bit of split shot to the line between the bobber and the hook, to keep the bait from floating up in the water.

Remember that your youngster may not be comfortable wielding a standard fishing pole, so consider using down-sized gear. This will make it easier for them to cast and retrieve their lure, as well as land any fish they manage to hook.


Where To Go

young angler pulling the fishing rod
Credit: Megan Nagel/USFWS

When you are heading out to fish with the kids, try to select a place that will suit them best.

Typically, this means a place with a long, open stretch of bank or a roomy dock; if you have access to a boat, you have more flexibility, but you still want to select a location that will work best for the kids.

Here are couple of other things to keep in mind when trying to choose the fishing spot:

1) Young anglers often have difficulty casting and they are likely to get their lures snagged on every object in the vicinity, so try to pick a wide-open location, without a lot of trees, rocks or weeds.

2) You also want to avoid crowded locations, to help ensure everyone stays safe and that your children won’t disturb other anglers.

3) Remember that children have short attention spans and fishing is an activity that requires patience. The best way to keep them focused on the task at hand it to catch fish; kids won’t enjoy staring at a float for very long unless they are getting nibbles.

Accordingly, you should target easy-to-catch species and try to fish in locations that are full of them.

4) Finally, don’t forget that children will need easy access to a bathroom, and they’ll probably want drinks and snacks during the outing.

Refreshments are easy to bring from home, but you may have to do a little homework to find a suitable fishing location with nearby bathrooms. Small ponds at local ponds are often a good option, and these locations often provide easy fishing opportunities for the kids.

Types of Fish Worth Targeting

young angler with a bunch of trout
Typical day at the stock trout ponds…

Some fish species make better targets for young kids than others do. For example, largemouth bass are often sage inspectors of lures, and it can take all of the finesse an experienced adult can muster to entice them to bite.

Accordingly, they aren’t usually a good species to target with first-timers. The same could be said of many other species, such as trout and walleye.

However, several other species are well-suited for young anglers. This includes:


bluegill underwaterAlthough this primarily means bluegill, most of what can be said about bluegill applies to other panfish, including green sunfish, shell crackers and red-breasted sunfish.

Bluegill and their relatives can often be caught throughout the day, and they tend to congregate in distinct areas, which means that once you find one, you can probably find more in the same spot.



catfish underwaterCatfish often take more patience to catch than panfish, but they also give your child a chance to drag up a reasonably big fish. Also, children may be amused by some of the more unusual baits used to catch catfish, such as hot dogs and grapes.

Catfishing is traditionally done at night, but you can catch catfish at any hour of the day.


Stocked Trout

rainbow trout underwaterTrout living in rivers or large lakes are not easy for children to catch.

However, many places provide stocked trout ponds, specifically designed for young anglers. These ponds tend to have a no-catch, no-pay policy, so the owners do their best to keep the trout hungry and accustomed to the presence of people, which makes them pretty easy for youngsters to catch.

As a bonus, many such places have tackle the kids can use for a small fee, which alleviates the need to purchase their gear.


The Best Baits for Young Anglers

kid holding a fishing line with worm hooked on itBait selection is a controversial topic among adult anglers, but when fishing with children, it’s best to keep things simple.

Your basic choices include worms, crickets and bread.

Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but any of the three can help you achieve success with your kids:

Worms – Worms are the quintessential fish bait, and they work very well for most species you’re likely to target with your kids including panfish and catfish, as well as more ambitious quarry, such as bass and trout.

Worms are available at virtually every bait store in the world, but you can also go digging for them yourself. In fact, your kids may find this part of the outing more fun than actually fishing.

Many people make the mistake of using the biggest worms – usually nightcrawlers – they can find; however, many times, red wigglers, which are much smaller, work best for bluegill.


Crickets – Crickets are also very effective bait, and they often elicit more strikes than worms do (particularly in heavily fished places, in which the local panfish become wary of worms). They also work better with small hooks than worms do, and are often less vulnerable to “bait thief” fish.

Crickets are often a bit more difficult to find at bait shops than worms are, but you can often purchase them at larger pet stores, who sell them at very affordable prices as food for lizards and turtles.

You can also try to catch your own crickets, although grasshoppers – who work nearly as well – are often easier to catch en masse.


Bread – In some places, particularly those with dense populations of bluegill, catfish or carp, you can often catch fish with nothing more than a bit of bread.

Squish the bread up into a small ball and just stick it on the hook as though it were a cricket or worm. Bread doesn’t last very long in the water, but because it isn’t “gross,” many kids will enjoy learning to bait their own hook with bread when necessary.


Rules and Regulations

South Carolina fishing regulation board
South Carolina Lake Oolenoy fishing regulation sign

Always be sure to investigate the rules and regulations in effect before heading out to the fishing hole.

Most municipalities and jurisdictions allow youngsters under an established age to fish without obtaining a license of any kind, but the age at which this occurs varies.

You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law on your child’s very first fishing trip, so make sure you find out the relevant laws and follow them to the letter.

Some municipalities host “free fishing” days for kids or families, which can give you a chance to gauge your youngster’s enthusiasm for the activity before outlaying significant funds. Additionally, many locations allow fishermen and fisherwomen of all ages to fish private lakes without obtaining a license, and this is worth investigating.

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with all of the other pertinent rules too. Be sure that you know the legal seasons for fishing, any species-specific regulations that are appropriate and tackle limitations.


Teaching the Importance of Conservation

young angler looking into fishing netWhen you introduce your children to fishing, it is important to consider the totality of the event. This not only means catching fish, staying safe and having fun, but it also means understanding the importance of conservation and empathy.

For example, while it is perfectly acceptable to catch some fish for the dinner table every once in a while, recreational anglers should practice catch-and-release fishing.

Explain the basic principle of the practice to your child as well as the reasons for doing so. Most kids will be only too happy to help protect the fish, and you’ll have started your young angler’s fishing career on the right foot.

Teach Them Good Habits Early On

Additionally, as most experienced anglers are already aware, litter is a big problem around many lakes and rivers. Many popular fishing locations are lousy with old lures, bait cups and bundles of line, all of which threaten wildlife and ruin the aesthetics of these otherwise-gorgeous locations.

Point out examples of litter to your youngsters and discuss its impact on the local environment. Impress upon them the importance of proper trash disposal and consider bringing along a small trash bag to collect some of the debris strewn on the ground (keep safety in mind: don’t allow them to pick up broken glass or lures with sharp hooks).


Have a Blast!

kid smiling while holding caught fishAbove all else, make sure that your child’s first fishing experience is fun.

You’ll need to remain patient and flexible to do so, but the rewards will justify your efforts.

After all, fishing is fun – you just need to show them that it is. Don’t worry if your 6-year-old is more interested in feeding the ducks than catching fish. She’s still hanging out with mom or dad by the lake, which is still a valuable experience.

Make It Easy

Similarly, be ready to give up the best casting angles and fishing spots to your kids to ensure they have the best chance of catching fish. This is especially important for older children, who may become frustrated if they aren’t successful.

You can even consider casting and setting the hook yourself, and then passing the rod off to your young one, who can then reel in the giant fish – this is, after all, the fun part.

Take Breaks

Don’t be afraid to allow your youngsters a bit of a break every so often. They may have an hour of fishing in them, but they may not be able to harness this whole hour at one time.

You may be surprised how a 15-minute-break spent chasing their siblings or looking at birds through binoculars will recharge their interest in fishing.

Fishing Comfortably

Also, remember that comfort goes a long way with children.

Make sure to dress them appropriately for the weather, and bring along all the necessary sun screen and bug spray you need to keep them happy.

Just like you, they’ll remember the sights and sounds of their first fishing trip, as long as you help provide the smiles.

For more on Outdoor Empire, “your one-stop destination for outdoor gear talk,” go to its website. 

Or you can browse around here.

Double X Tackle Launches New Website With New Gear


Double X Tackle has relaunched its website to bring all of its brands together in one place.  Double X Tackle is proud to announce that all four American-made fishing tackle brands, Vance’s Tackle, CAGI Sonic Attractors, ClearBoard planer boards and Double X Tackle (formerly Rainbow Plastics) are now all on one site.  Offering the full catalogs of all of these brands makes it easy to reach the $50 limit for free shipping, and that includes the trolling rods!

The new website also provides the opportunity to snag more savings by buying in larger quantities.  Most items offer a larger pack quantity that comes with built in savings, take for example the 1/4-ounce A-Just-A-Bubble, a 12-pack offers an awesome 18-percent discount over the single-pack price!

Now through the end of August, Double X Tackle is offering a special discount to all followers of Media Inc. Publishing magazines; enter code NWSAUG at checkout and receive an extra 5-percent off along with the everyday free shipping for orders over $50.  America- made fishing tackle done right!.

Look for us at

New CEO Named At SoCal Company Turner’s Outdoorsman

The following Press Release is courtesy of Turner’s Outdoorsman:

Turner’s Outdoorsman today announced that Gene Lumsden will retire as chief executive officer on June 30, 2017. The Board of Directors elected Bryan Harris to be the company’s president and CEO effective July 1, 2017. Harris currently serves as president of Turner’s Outdoorsman.

Lumsden served as president and CEO of Turner’s Outdoorsman from June 2009 thru June 2012 when Harris was appointed President and Lumsden became CEO. Lumsden grew the Rancho Cucamonga, CAbased Company from 13 stores in 2009 to the 19 locations currently operating.

Lumsden noted, “It has been a pleasure watching the employees grow this company to what it is today and to work with the Turner’s Team.”

Bryan Harris becomes president and CEO after serving as president since 2012. Harris has been a key part of Turner’s success and an integral part of the company for over 36 years. Turner’s Outdoorsman, which is the largest privately owned specialty sporting goods chain in Southern California, operates 19 stores throughout Southern California from San Diego to Oxnard, including an E-commerce store.

Turner’s plans to open more stores in the near future and is on pace to enter the Northern California area this fall. They have been in operation for 46 years carrying a wide selection of merchandise for fishing, hunting & shooting sports and they have recently added four well equipped Archery Pro Shops in the Chino, Pasadena, Victorville and Oxnard locations.

Staffed with expert sales associates to provide exceptional customer service, they are well received within their communities for their customer service, selection and promotion of local youth fishing programs, conducting various hunting and fishing seminars and for hosting the largest hands-on shooting sports fair in the state. Turner’s works closely with organizations such as the NRA, Safari Club International and Ducks Unlimited to help preserve and protect hunting, shooting and fishing activities in California.

For more, go to  our website. 

Main Office & Warehouse Serving all locations:

11738 San Marino St. Suite A

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

(909) 923-3009

Fax (909) 923-1138

You really can find anything at Walmart – even a Deer

The whole town of Wadena, MN has been talking about its special guest at the local Walmart store, distinguished visit aka a “deer”.

As always the young deer was probably looking for food when it accidentally entered the building from the garden center. This created a panic amongst the current shoppers. Just like in the movies, when people started screaming, the deer obviously was freaking out. Running to look for an exit but instead running into people until finally ran into Tom Grasswick.

“It felt like I got slugged or something” said Grasswick when the deer ran into him. Then his instincts kicked in and he subdued the young deer. Tom must have been a wrestler as he easily tackled and held the deer as pictured above.

Look at that form, as a former wrestler that deer isn’t moving. Covering the eyes is a nice touch to keep the deer calm. Even though at 100 pounds the deer probably didn’t stand a chance. Shortly, after taking down the deer others came to help cover the deer’s eyes. Once it was blinded it was released with the aid of other customer’s outside and unharmed.

The young deer was said to be feeding on flowers in the garden center when it wondered through. To prevent this from happening again Walmart will be changing it’s door policies. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep the deer away. Anyone else wondering what plant drew the deer in despite all the people in the area? That’s what I need that in my food plots.

Sources: Wadena PJ, Jake VanDeLaare
Photo from
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Georgia DNR looking for leads on Poached Duct Taped Deer to a Sign

Else where in the U.S., Georgia authorities are looking for your help to nab whoever taped this deer to a road sign.

Officers said the deer was found on Highway 90 after several people called 911 to report it. According to officers, the deer had been shot, so they are investigating if the deer was illegally hunted.

In a photo posted on Facebook, you can see someone duct taped sunglasses on the deer, and it appears they also put a shirt on it.

Photos of the deer first appeared on Facebook on Tuesday. And now WALB reports authorities are saying the deer was shot and they are investigating the incident further. A reward is also being offered for leads in this strange case.

Not only does it appear the deer was shot, but the person or persons responsible also apparently put a shirt on the animal and taped sunglasses to its head.

If you have any information on this strange case, contact the Georgia DNR on their poaching tip line at 1-800-241-4113.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that this has happened of someone duct-taping a dead deer. Back in January, authorities in Ohio were looking for leads on the carcasses of several deer that were found with holes bored in their bodies and wrapped in tape.

Information unknown of any arrests relating to that case.

Sources: WALB News, Travis Smola
Photo from WALB News

Mattracks Goes Back To The Movies

Mattracks, the original and No. 1 manufacturer of rubber track conversions, is no stranger to the Motion Picture industry.  Since its “inception” 25 years ago, Mattracks has been involved in many motion pictures, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.   In 2003, Mattracks was called on to build the base for the T1 Robot in Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines.   Several smaller pictures followed that incorporated Mattracks in some capacity, and then in 2010 they were featured on a HMMWV in the blockbuster Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  In 2015, Mattracks provided tracks for a camera truck in order to get extremely difficult mountain shots in the James Bond installment, Spectre.

Now, in 2017, Mattracks will be featured in the eighth installment of the massively successful Fast and the Furious franchise dubbed The Fate of the Furious.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Luke Hobbs will be driving a Dodge Ram with Mattracks 150M1A2-SAs.  “When it’s time to save the world in the snow, Hobbs becomes the Abominable Iceman in his ICE RAM,” writes Johnson on Twitter last summer.   Fate of the Furious opens April 14 worldwide.

Mattracks is located in Karlstan, Minnesota, and manufactures over 100 different models of Rubber Track Conversion systems.  These systems are found on ATVs, UTVs, trucks, tractors, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and military vehicles.  Mattracks also designs many systems for custom applications servicing many different industries including the film industry.

Additional information is available by contacting Mattracks, Inc. at 218-683-9800, 877-436-7800 (toll-free US & Canada) or 218-436-7000. Visit us online at, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or email us at

Three Kahr® Arms 9mm Pistols Now California Legal





The following press release is courtesy of Kahr Arms:

Greeley, PA – Kahr Arms is happy to announce that three of their popular CW9 9mm models are now California legal. These models include the CW9 in a Black Carbon Fiber frame, standard CW9 with front night sight and the very popular Cerakote Burnt Bronze.

The three CW9 models all feature a 3.6” barrel with conventional rifling, an overall length of 5.9”, and a height of 4.5” and each pistol weighs just 15.8 oz. All three models offer a trigger cocking DAO, lock-breach, “Browning-type” recoil lug, and a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. Capacity is 7+1.

The attractive CW9093BCF is one of Kahr’s newest finishes in a classic Black Carbon Fiber print. This textured weave provides a 3-D dimensional appearance to the 9mm while also providing a textured grip that has a tacky feel in your hand. MSRP on the CW9093BCF is $495.00.

Next in the line-up is the CW9093N which features a stainless steel slide and a black polymer frame. It also features a drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and a pinned in polymer front night sight. MSRP on this model is $495.00.

Last in the group is the CW9093BB. The Cerakote® Burnt Bronze has been a popular finish for Kahr Firearms Group having introduced it in both the Kahr and Magnum Research product lines. The attractive brushed bronze finish always turns a few heads at the gun range and has proven to be the top choice of many shooting enthusiasts. The MSRP on that model is $482 and is now available for California gun dealers to buy from authorized Kahr Firearms Group wholesalers.

For more information about these three models, please go to or check with your local gun shop.


Contact Information:
Sheryl Gallup
Gallup Media Marketing, Inc.

Keep Outdoor Space Covered With This Vehicle Accessory



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Niagara Falls, NY (2016)- Experience more enjoyment from your everyday outdoor adventures with the new Sportz Cove! The Sportz Cove is a compact, lightweight awning which attaches to the back of your SUV or minivan. It provides shade and shelter while on-the-go for any adventure.

The universal attachment sleeve seamlessly connects to your mid to full-size SUV in minutes, creating additional shade and comfort, making it the ultimate vehicle accessory. The compact and lightweight package is perfect to keep behind the seat for any unexpected adventure! The Sportz Cove is perfect for tailgating, traveling, fishing, beaching, and even lounging at a picnic.
The Sportz Cove fits a variety of mid to full-size SUV and minivan models ranging from a Honda CRV to Cadillac Escalade. Suggested retail price for the Sportz Cove is

For more information, visit or call (800)
Napier Outdoors is the world’s largest developer and distributor of Vehicle Camping Tents. Since 1990, Napier has been changing the way people view camping, by reshaping and merging the automotive and outdoor industries together. We were the first to revolutionize the camping industry with our innovative and exciting vehicle tent concepts.
Napier distributes Vehicle Camping Tents to automotive manufacturers and retailers across North America, Europe and Australia. Our vehicle tents are the number one selling Truck and
SUV Tents in the World!
4 Nihan Dr., Unit 3
St. Catharines, ON L2N 1L1
2315 Whirlpool Dr., Suite 161
Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Tactical Tailor’s Rise to Success

From the mind of Logan D Coffey, Tactical Tailor was founded in 2008. The legacy continues to live on through his brother Justin, after his tragic death in a car accident. Here’s a brief history of Logan and his company.

In late 1991, Logan went straight from highschool to the US Army Infantry. Even in the first week of training, he could see that the army-issued gear was uncomfortable and impractical, and found that the gear issued was virtually the same as it had been back in the Vietnam War. He made it his personal mission to modify and improve that gear.

Within a few years, Logan had a veritable collection of industrial sewing machine parts and fabrics, and he had become the guy to go to for fixing up or modifying military gear.

At the end of his second enlistment, he decided it was time to leave and make his modification business his full-time job. In 1998, Tactical Tailor began in a two-bedroom house and a few-thousand-dollar loan. He was able to repay it in only six months.

In time the work grew out of its two-bedroom grass roots, but didn’t quite make enough for him to afford both a warehouse and a home, so he built a room to sleep in within his warehouse.
He hired ex-military and retired military and military spouses to sew as his business grew, and he expanded again in 2002, then once more in 2005.

Now his work is known to military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he’s even been invited to the Pentagon several times.

The company motto is simple. “Do what’s right because it’s right.” That includes being made in the USA, for those who defend the USA, making quality gear and providing quality jobs.

Posted with permission from Tactical Tailor.