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11 Yr Old boy with Cerebral Palsy Blood trails First Buck

It’s a heart warming video that will make you smile. This video courtesy of Dana Sanders is just that. Watch this young boy with Cebreal Palsy track a deer, and there will be quite the big smile on your face.

It’s definitely a Kodak moment with family. The fact that this family was able to have this experience is something they are sure to never forget.

Source: Dana Sanders Facebook, Alex Comstock

8 Angler Pickup Lines

The pickup line to reel in a catch. It’s a classic when it comes to catching the attention of the opposite sex.
There are pickup lines in every Angler walk of life. So, I asked some of my fishing buddies about some of the best lines they’ve heard of (or used).

These guys are serious anglers that they started telling me about different types of fishing lines used for different fishes, literally. Guess that’s why they’re single, or haven’t been on dates in quite a while. However, once I explained what kind of “line” I meant, they came up with several.

Here are eight of them: four to use in public and four for when you’re fishing!

In Public
“A shark just ate my girlfriend. Will you be my new one?” (yes, very corny)

“Hey baby, if I were a fish, I’d be hooked on you.” (corny)

Any pickup line leaves you open to a comeback. This one might seem cute, but it could also result in, “I’m not fishing for your type.”

“There are plenty of fish in the sea, but I see you with me.”

Another one that could get a nibble… or, “You better get your eyes checked, because I don’t see that.”

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been fishing, but I think we should hook up.”

That one could result in a right hook to the jaw!

On the Water
“I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran my boat into yours. So, I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.”

Okay, this one has a poetic, romantic feel. It could work; just don’t ruin your boat. Maybe just a gentle bump.

“Want to compare tan lines?”

I’m borderline on this one. Would it get a giggle or a slap? On the other hand, what if the other person agrees right away? That could be a bad sign.

“You’re on the small side, but I wouldn’t throw you back.”

Yeah, that sounds very flattering. Insert your own comeback line here.


“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I float by again?”

It’s charming. It’s sweet. And, more importantly, it doesn’t put your boat in jeopardy.

Oh, yes, there were more vulgar responses … which really explained why my buddies hadn’t been on a date in years.

A pickup line should break the ice, not get your jaw broken… or your fishing gear.

by Matt Poe

Boy gets hit by a Truck…uh no a Deer

On the next deer hunt, best think twice as you run through the woods. Just ask this kid (once he wakes up, that is).
Running is one outdoor activity that comes with minimal risk. Sure, you might run out of breath from time to time. Or worst case scenario, sprain an ankle. Then again, if your name is Justin DeLuzio, you’ll be forever remembered as that unlucky runner that got completely owned by a “beast mode deer” one sunny day.

Don’t be shy with the volume in this clip. You won’t want to miss this gem from the peanut gallery, still running: “Watch out for the beast mode deer!!! Oooooh!!!”

Here we go…

The boy goes down harder than a MMA body slam. The sure-footed whitetail never missed a beat, didn’t even break a stride; that’s how bad-ass it is.

On the bright side, word has it, Justin finished the race. Well, after the stars disappeared and his spine realigned. But in all seriousness, both deer and boy are fine. Only one is suffering from a bruised ego.

So to all you hunters, best walk slowly the next time you hit the woods. Don’t become another Justin.

Source: MileSplitUS Vine

.50 Cal and an Arrow

Ever wonder what happens when you shoot a .50 cal bullet with an arrow?
Cameron Hanes from Youtube places a perfect shot on a .50 cal bullet.
Most of us as kids had the thought: what would happen if I hammer the primer on a bullet with a nail? What if I shot a bullet with another bullet? I’m sure many of us have had these questions in mind.

Regardless, never before have I questioned what would happen if I shot a bullet with a bow and arrow.

Watching Cameron Hanes make that shot is a amazing! With that, we are all able to witness in slow motion exactly what happens when you hit a .50 cal with an arrow.

First things first, what an amazing shot! It was surprising to see that only the primer had gone off and would have thought differently. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the making of the video, but unfortunately, the bullet did not discharge from the shell as we all secretly wished it had.

by Dustin Prievo

Source: FullMag Youtube

Is this where Farmers are getting their Fertilizer?

With all this buzz about technology leading the way in helping make lives better in our society like the one in Africa. Bill Gates donated money to create a technology that can turn poop into water. But, what about for the farmers in the U.S., some farmers rely on selling fertilizers its their livelihood.

Its a good thing DIY is still the tech that most farmers know. Fertilizing your food plot has never been easier or more economical. It’s still a do-it-yourself world! Taking care of your business has never had more meaning than in this fun and, well, disgusting video.

Don’t flush it down the drain, do something constructive with it.

Farmers everywhere rejoice! Memo from the ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ department: what would a rack of horns look like after eating crops grown on that stuff?

We’d rather not find out.

by Craig Raleigh

Source: Chassomaniak Facebook

Big Nutz

Something isn’t right with a buck nicknamed ‘Big Nutz.’
With a name like Big Nutz, it’s pretty easy to guess how the deer got it’s nickname. Jeremy Beck posted a video on Instagram that has the hunting community scratching their heads. Some think it’s a tumor, while other think it’s an STD of some sort. Regardless of the cause, it look painful and very uncomfortable.

See how this buck earned its nickname.

A video posted by Jeremy Beck (@lift2hunt) on

This buck could be the butt of about a million one line jokes, but we will leave it as that.

What do you think is the cause of this abnormality?

by Jake Hofer

Source: lift2hunt Instagram, Jeremy Beck

3 Reasons why they won’t become good Hunters

Have you ever noticed there are guys/gals out there who are good at hunting? And some just aren’t that good at it, being good is not about being lucky either. So here’s what it boils down to—and why some people won’t ever become good hunters.
lazy_hunter1. They’re Lazy
Being a good hunter takes a lot of hard work. Whether that’s going the extra mile during the season, or putting in work during the off-season, the people who put in more work find more success. The people who don’t work hard and are lazy won’t ever be good hunters.

2. They Don’t Pay Attention to Detail
Detail, detail, detail. You hear it all the time. But do you actually pay attention to detail? It’s the little things, such as how you enter and exit your treestand, whether you practice scent control, paying attention to what exact tree you need your stand in, etc.

Those hunters who consistently pay attention to every little detail are the ones who find success more than those who don’t. If you don’t pay attention to detail, odds are you aren’t going to be a very good hunter.

3. They Think They’re Always Right
It’s their way or the highway. Those people who think they’re always right and never wrong tend to not know much at all. The best hunters are constantly learning from others and applying what they learn to their hunting efforts. The more you learn and evolve over time, the better hunter you will become. On the other hand, if you can’t get over yourself, and think you’re the best hunter in the world, odds are you’re in the category of people who will never become good hunters.

There is no secret to becoming a good hunter. It takes a little work, a little detail, and the ability to learn. Do those three things, and you can become quite the hunter. Don’t do them, and you might not ever become a good hunter.

by Alex Comstock

Fishbra is Ashore

What is fishbra? It’s a trend happening on social media, especially Instagram. So what is “fishbra” again? Maybe it’s best to watch and learn.
Although this video was uploaded in a foreign language, you’ll understand what the fishbra is and why the fishing community loves it so.

Watch this video compilation of some of the best fishbra photos that have hit the web in recent months.

A photo posted by afishybish (@afishybish) on

As you can see, a fishbra is a photo featuring a female angler holding a fish in front of her chest. Here, the fish covers up her breasts instead of the traditional bikini top. Did you see the fishbra photo where the fish was big enough to provide “protection” for two anglers? Now, that is a catch worth capturing.

If you love fishbras as much as the rest of the fishing community, be sure to do your part and contribute to this great cause. Take more pictures of fish, and leave the bikini tops at home!

by Johnny Certo

Source: Debrecen Mohosz Youtube

Jason vs Bull Moose

Don’t try this out in your neck of the woods.

This “hunter” demonstrates why he is nominated for “Jackass of the month”.
Any serious hunter would respect the game that he pursues. Harassing a wild animal is un-called for, the following video highlights pure stupidity and also demonstrates how not to behave in the field.

Not wanting to give anything away, here’s the video for you to judge yourself.

There would be nothing wrong with this clip if he intended to harvest the animal. But luring a moose to within inches, only to smack it in the antlers then let out a bark is, well, just plain idiotic.

What are your thoughts? In my view, as someone who wants to show hunting in a positive light, it’s behaviors such as this that give anti-hunters the ammunition they need.

The people who produced the video did state this in writing:
“Warning, do not try this with wild animals. Their actions and reactions are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous to humans.”

by Justin Hoffman revised by Calsports Editorial

Source: Bonne Chasse Youtube

A little more than a bird against the window

Just our friendly neighborhood vandal choosing to smash through an 8 inch wide window for some after hours repairs

When you’ve got nice clear windows and a flower on the sill, you don’t get too terribly surprised if a bird or a bug bats against the glass.

You get a little more surprised when it’s an 80-110 lb deer charging through an 8-inch-wide pane of glass.
When this critter gets in the house, he has a really hard time figuring out how to get back out again, shuffling around and even bopping its head against the other window, trying to figure out how it got in in the first place.

While I have no idea how this deer got it in its head to charge through a bit of glass, it seems to have even less clue about how to get back out again, wandering around for a while until finally finding the entry it made and majestically leaping over the broken shards left behind.

I hope their family insurance covers deer.

Source: Expert PC Youtube