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Tactical Tailor’s new Rogue line available


Tactical Tailor’s Pack Rain Cover is a water resistant cover that envelopes the pack in order to help keep water from soaking through to your gear, keeping rain and snow away from pack openings and zippers with water resistant 330D fabric with a DWR coating.
This cover comes in 4 sizes, Small to XL and in colors Coyote Brown, Multicam, and Atacs Snow Camo, perfect for ever changing, and unpredictable, weather conditions and environments.


The Rogue plate carrier is a light-weight low profile carrier, designed with the utmost efficiency, and functionality factored in. This highly adaptable plate carrier can be used in Low Vis body armor situations, but with the additions of other Rogue products this carrier can be quickly converted into a direct action carrier.

This is a small bleeder kit designed to be light and small, but still offering the ability to carry lifesaving equipment. This pouch is sized to hold basic wound management items like gauze, 10-gauge needle, chest seal, and a small combat dressing. It weighs only 0.20 lbs.


The new 5.56 magazine pouches have revolutionized a staple product at TT. The new pouches have a stiff opening for ease of inserting the magazine, and the elastic compression ensures the magazine stays put until needed.


The new Rogue Adaptable Chest Rig takes minimalist and adds versatility. The chest rig makes a great standalone range chest rig, or RECCE chest rig.

• Eight columns for pouches.

• Laser cut Rubberized Nylon with MOLLE channels for light-weight strength.

• Two inch shoulder straps with cable management built in.

• Built in Map Compartment.

• Chest rig can be mounted on the Rogue plate carrier with the hook back as a cummerbund flap.

• Removable loop and air mesh panel to protect your shirt from the hook back.

Can be used with the Rogue Skeletonized MOLLE Webbing when the plate carrier is not needed, but additional pouches are.


From this perspective, almost everything else on this kayak the author borrowed on an Alaskan fishing trip is secondary to the 480x480-resolution color fishfinder rigged in front of the angler’s seat. (MARK VEARY)

Navigating The World Of Fishfinders

By Mark Veary 

Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. If you haven’t yet equipped your kayak with a fishfinder, then you’re that blind squirrel. Sure, you may be catching some fish, but you’re definitely limiting your potential.
Granted, selecting the right finder for your kayak can be a daunting task. There are so many units on the market today, with a myriad of features you may not have even heard of, much less considered. So before laying your money down, set a budget, evaluate your needs for the different options and do a little research focusing on the features that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

IN ITS SIMPLEST form, a fishfinder provides a graphical representation of the water-filled region between your kayak and the bottom. It allows you to measure the distance to the bottom and yields crude information on objects such as fish, structure or debris suspended below you.
At its most complicated, a fishfinder can display multiple high-definition images of the objects both beneath and to the sides of you, while also providing a wide range of ancillary information such as weather updates, tide information and GPS positioning on a detailed bottom contour map.
Let’s break the main features down:
Screen size: Screen size will have one of the biggest impacts on the price of a fishfinder. Units with a 3.5-inch display and 320×240-pixel resolution start at just under $100. These models are great for monitoring your depth when trolling for bottom-hugging Chinook or bouncing jigs for offshore lingcod and cabezon, but lack the detail necessary to resolve the difference between suspended baitfish and debris or the subtle change in bottom composition from gravel to rock.
If your budget allows, spend the additional $100 to upgrade to a 5-inch display with 480×480 resolution. Screens of this size are much easier to read and deliver three times the detail. You can find models with larger displays, but they take up a lot of deck space and have a commensurately larger price tag.
B&W vs. color: Black-and-white displays provide valuable feedback on the density of objects and structure by displaying them in varying shades of grey. Color displays allow you to more easily discern that density with a quick glance. This is especially helpful when fishing structure or searching for changes in bottom composition.
GPS: Adding GPS to a given display size will generally add about $100 to the purchase price. It will also add the ability to mark and later find important locations, such as crab pots or prime fishing structure. GPS isn’t a necessity, but it certainly is nice to have.
Navionics: Often sold as an add-on, Navionics chips create a topographical
overlay on your GPS map, complete with detailed bottom contours for rivers, lakes and offshore reefs. A Nav chip might be well worth its $300 to $500 price tag if you like to explore new areas, as it will allow you to immediately key in on target structures or depths. If the price doesn’t fit your budget, you can add waypoints to your simple GPS map based on online NOAA charts.
Down-imaging and side-scanning: Once prohibitively expensive, high- resolution down-imaging and side- scanning sonars are rapidly becoming standard equipment on several makes of fishfinders. Both tools create higher definition “images” of objects in the water. While not quite photographic, the images offer a much more intuitive representation of what lurks beneath the surface, whether it be fish, structure or bottom contours. If you’re an avid bass fisherman, these technologies can be game changers.
The one drawback is the size of the transducers and need to mount them externally. While standard sonar transducers can be mounted in a scupper hole, epoxied to the inside of the hull or wedged into a water-filled foam cup inside the hull, down-imaging and side-scanning transducers must be mounted below the hull in order to operate effectively.

ONCE YOU’VE CHOSEN a fishfinder, it’s time to find an appropriate 12-volt battery. In general, the more features that your new fishfinder has, the more power it will consume per hour, and thus the more amp hours your battery will need to provide.
Here’s a simple calculation that will aid in selecting the correct battery. The number of hours that you can run your finder will be equal to the number of amp hours (Ah) your battery is rated for, divided by the power usage (U) of your unit. So, run time = Ah/U.
Say you have a small black-and-white unit with no GPS that draws about 200ma of power (.2 amps). If you run this unit on a fresh 12-volt, 4Ah lead-acid battery, you can fish for nearly 20 hours on a charge. In this equation, 20=4/.2.
But say you have a 5-inch color unit with GPS and backlight that draws about 850ma of power (.85 amps). If you run this unit on the same battery, you can fish for only 4.7 hours on a charge. In this, 4.7=4/.85
Until recently, battery choices were limited to either lead-acid or gel cel batteries, both of which are very heavy and bulky (think

Humminbird brand color fishfinder

If you want to go deluxe with a fishfinder, the Humminbird 1199ci features a 10-plus inch screen, 800×600-pixel high-definition display, chartplotting sonar and side-scanning capabilities, but also a hefty price tag of just under $2,300. (HUMMINBIRD)

motorcycle or UPS batteries). While these are still solid choices, the proliferation of lithium ion batteries has provided kayak anglers with a much smaller and profoundly lighter option. Often sold as charging units for personal electronics, the new LiPo and
LiFe batteries with 12-volt outputs work very well with fishfinders.
The one thing to keep in mind when selecting lithium batteries is that they have an approximately 30 percent power loss when running at 12-volt. This can be factored into the calculation above by modifying the formula to: Run time = (Ah*.7)/U, or run time is equal to 70 percent of the stated amp hours divided by the power usage of the fishfinder.
Even if your eyes glazed over with all this math, with a fishfinder, once you see what you’ve been missing, you’re likely to realize that you’ve been running right past an orchard every day in a blind search for your nut.

Garmin-brand black-and-white fishfinder

Garmin’s Echo 101 is a sonar-only unit with a 4-inch screen, 160×258-pixel display and a price tag within reach of most anglers, $90. (GARMIN)

Just one safety note to mention: Don’t skip installing a 3-amp fuse in your power supply. While highly unlikely, it is possible that a short could cause your battery to leak, ignite or even explode. CS




On a yearly basis new products arrive on the fishing scene. Rarely does one make a splash like Dave’s Tangle Free.

Lead has long been the standard for weight in terminal gear setups for Salmon & Steelhead. Drift fishermen, float fishermen, side-drifters, back-bouncers all utilize lead in their tackle boxes to accomplish one purpose – to get the bait/lure in front of the fishes face.

It’s really a simple concept – weight is used to target specific depths & water types.

So where does Dave’s Tangle Free fit in to this?


Dave’s Tangle Free is a brand new alternative to lead. It has burst on to the scene with a few claims to fame. Here are three benefits:

1    Lead-Free : This alone sets Dave’s Tangle Free apart as a forward thinking, innovative company. States that have outlawed lead as a fishing weight will need high-quality alternatives to lead. Dave’s Tangle Free fills that need.

2    Tangle-resistant : The swivel system in place on these weights allows for “wiggle-room” and movement when caught up. Also, the rubberized outer layer (the core is steel) does not “grab” rocks like lead would. These two factors make for a weight that pulls out of snags more often than lead. We at Fishing Addicts Northwest have seen the benefit of this. Many times when a weight seemed a lost cause snagged-up, they pulled out without breaking the line or losing the weight. This is ultimately a money saver in the end and a relief to the fisherman.

3    Easy-to-Use : Besides the obvious benefits of being tangle resistant, the weights themselves come attached with a top “swivel” piece that is easily attachable to a snap-swivel or tie-able to any line. These weights have totally replaced my previous bobber weights as I prefer a three-way swivel with attachable weight when fishing a sliding float. Also, for those that would attach a “slinky” to a snap swivel, the Dave’s Tangle Free weight works great in place of that.

The feel of these weights on the bottom is different than “slinky’s” or traditional lead. This may be slightly off-putting at first for drift-fishermen but they will find quickly that the weights are super effective as well as stealthy. Back-bouncers have found huge benefit in the “tangle-resistant” qualities of these weights. The method of back-bouncing is prone to placing lead in precarious positions. With the rubberized outer core and versatile swivel, it’s simple: you will lose less weights.

Does this mean you’ll never lose a Dave’s Tangle Free weight? No, logs & certain other obstacles can still claim a weight or two, but every single person that I’ve spoken with has retained more Dave’s Tangle Free weights than any other lead option hands down. They simply come back easier. I’ve even started making my lead-line heavier so that I can apply more pressure to it and many times the weights have pulled out of difficult positions.

With that in mind we have seen a move in recent years to eliminate lead in many states. Certainly this comes as no surprise due to the “state of California” perspective on it and the simple fact that we’re filling our river-bottoms with lead. This alone may be one of the largest reasons for why Dave’s Tangle Free is a great option for your tackle-box. The Smallmouth bass guys in the Columbia river are already picking up on them too, not to mention numerous other fishing applications in our area.

Dave’s Tangle Free brings a fresh perspective to the weight world. No doubt the benefits of these weights will continue to be seen & shared in years to come.


Ed Fast, a highly respected Portland-area Salmon & Steelhead guide had this to say about Dave’s weights:

“The slickest and trickiest weights you can buy! Dave gave me some back-bouncing weights to try and my clients and I loved them! I ordered a bunch more in all of the sizes I use and we only lost a few during my fall Chinook season. I also like them for my bobber rods.”

Ed mentioned to me how much lead he used to lose back-bouncing lead in upriver, bouldery situations, with the new lead he’s had considerably less lost weights and consequently; saved money on weight!

“When it’s available, I always try to use and promote local, quality, made in the U.S.A products. Dave’s weights meet all three of those criteria.

The fact that there is a functional, lead-free weight for some fishing situations is another thing I like about them.

And hey, they look really cool, too and let’s face it, that’s pretty important.”

For more, visit the website,

Not sure which weights to get? Check out the products page. The “Handi-Pack” retails at only $19.95 and features the perfect assortment of weights and sizes. We love these weights and we know you’ll find them to be an essential part of your tackle-box!


Bi-Mart is now stocking Dave’s Tangle Free! Keep an eye out in the Fishing Department.

You can follow them on Facebook –

Stay Addicted! -Lucas

Editor’s note: This product review first appeared on the Fishing Addicts Northwest website under the the title Introducing Daves Tangle Free! and is used with permission of the author, Lucas Holmgren.

Zero Tolerance Rolls Out A Host Of Knives, Tomahawk For 2014

By Andy Walgamott, on January 23rd, 2014

Zero Tolerance Introduces the 0102 Tomahawk

Vanadis 4 Extra powdered steel makes it tough and durable

TUALATIN, OREGON— Zero Tolerance is proud to introduce our own tactical tomahawk, the new 0102.

This powerful tool is adept at everything from obstacle removal and dynamic entry to opening crates. Like everything else we do, the Tomahawk is overbuilt for extreme use. The back spike is designed for maximum penetration, while the pommel includes a sturdy pry bar.

Vanadis 4 Extra powdered steel makes the ZT tomahawk extremely tough, while the DLC coating protects the blade. G-10 handle scales offer a secure grip and are beveled for comfort.

The Tomahawk comes with its own sheath for storage and easy carrying.


Model 0562 specifications:



Steel: Vadadis 4 Extra, tungsten DLC coating
Handle: Machined G-10 scales
Blade: 4.75 in. long & 0.2 in. thick
Overall: 16 in.
MSRP: $400


A New Fixed Blade from ZT & Rick Hinderer

• Based on Hinderer’s Fieldtac knife

TUALATIN, OREGON—Based on Rick Hinderer’s Fieldtac knife, the new Zero Tolerance 0180 is a smaller and lighter fixed blade knife, yet it’s built to handle tough duty.

The blade is made of Vanadis 4 Extra powder mettalurgical cold work steel. This steel is perfectly designed for hard use and offers good wear resistance. Resistance to chipping and cracking makes it an excellent steel for hard-use applications like the 0180. It is also very suitable for coating—which ZT does with Tungsten DLC non-reflective coating.

The 0180’s handle scales are G-10 for durability as well as reduced weight. The handle locks right into the hand and the forefinger contour provides grip security. Heavy jimping on the spine further enhances grip.

The 0180 comes with a convenient belt sheath.

0180_Hinderer  FieldTac_render

Model 0562 specifications:


Steel: Vadadis 4 Extra, tungsten DLC coating
Handle: Machined G-10, dual chamfers
Blade: 4.2 in. long & 0.2 in. thick
Overall: 9.2 in.
MSRP: $275


New Zero Tolerance Blackwash™ Finish is the New Black

• Zero Tolerance is one of the first major manufacturers to use this new type of finish on production knives

TUALATIN, OREGON—Zero Tolerance introduces BlackWash.

A BlackWash knife is like a battle-tested tool or a favorite pair of well-worn jeans. BlackWash gives a ZT that already-broken-in look. Although a few custom knife makers have been using this process, Zero Tolerance is one of the first major manufacturers to use it on production knives. Like any coating, it will wear eventually, but with BlackWash, additional wear just adds to the look.


0560BW specifications:


Steel: ELMAX®, Tungsten DLC BlackWash™ finish
Handle: 3D machined G10- front; 3D-machined titanium back, BlackWash™ finish
Blade: 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)
Closed: 5 in. (12.7 in.)
Weight: 5.8 oz.
MSRP: $325

0300BW specifications:


Steel: S30V, Tungsten DLC BlackWash™ finish
Handle: 3D machined G10- front; 3D-machined titanium back, BlackWash™ finish
Blade: 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)
Closed: 5.1 in. (12.9 in.)
Weight: 5.8 oz.
MSRP: $340


ELMAX® Blade, Hinderer & ZT Style and Toughness

• The new 0562 features a special Hinderer “slicer” grind

TUALATIN, OREGON—For 2014, Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer teamed up to build the new 0562.

The ELMAX® powdered steel blade features a special Hinderer, a flat-ground “slicer” grind that provides both slicing efficiency and a tough point. ELMAX is a third-generation powdered steel with virtually no nonmetallic inclusions. This means it offers an extremely uniform distribution of carbides for high wear and corrosion resistance. Zero Tolerance sharpens it to a hair popping edge and the ELMAX ensures it holds that edge for a long time, even under hard use.

The knife opens with a flipper and moves out of the handle on our smooth KVT ball-bearing opening system. A washer with caged ball bearings surrounds the pivot and makes opening the knife nearly frictionless; just pull back on the flipper and add a roll of the wrist and the 0562 is ready for action.

The handle has a G-10 textured scale in front and a stonewashed titanium back. For secure lock up during use, ZT uses a frame lock with hardened steel lockbar inserts and lockbar stabilization.

The unique pocketclip is reversible and enables extra-deep carry in the pocket.

0562 0562_back_closed_render

Model 0562 specifications:


Steel: ELMAX®, stonewashed finish
Handle: G-10 front, stonewashed titanium back
Blade: 3.5 in. long & 0.156 in. thick
Closed: 4.8 in
MSRP: $250

M390 + Carbon Fiber in our Newest Right-Sized ZT

• A carbon fiber front scale lightens weight and adds class

TUALATIN, OREGON— The cousin of our new 0562, this ZT features the same special Rick Hinderer flat-ground “slicer” grind that provides both slicing efficiency and a tough point, but on a Böhler M390 powdered steel blade.

With a high chromium and vanadium content, M390 offers good wear resistance with excellent corrosion resistance. This powdered metallurgy stainless steel takes a razor edge and holds it well. It can also be polished to a mirror finish and is very tough.

The 0562CF’s handle has a carbon fiber front scale and stonewashed titanium back. For secure lock up during use, ZT uses a frame lock with hardened steel lockbar inserts and lockbar stabilization.

The knife opens with a flipper and moves out of the handle on our smooth KVT ball-bearing opening system. A washer with caged ball bearings surrounds the pivot and makes opening the knife nearly frictionless; just pull back on the flipper and add a roll of the wrist and the 0562CF is ready for action.

The unique pocketclip is reversible and enables extra-deep carry in the pocket.

0562CF 0562CF_back_closed_render

Model 0562CF specifications:


Steel: M390, stonewashed & machine satin finish
Handle: Carbon fiber front, stonewashed titanium back
Blade: 3.5 in. long & 0.156 in. thick
Closed: 4.8 in
MSRP: $300

The Zero Tolerance 0770CF Now Comes with Carbon Fiber Handle

• A compact version of the award-winning Zero Tolerance 0777

* New carbon fiber handle for lightweight carry

TUALATIN, OREGON—The original, award-winning Zero Tolerance 0777 is a very limited-run knife. Yet interest in it is high among blade aficionados.

That’s why Zero Tolerance is proud to announce a new version of that award-winning knife—one that will be much more generally available. The 0770CF offers the style and performance of the award-winning 0777, but in a slightly smaller, streamlined version.

For ZT performance, the blade is built of ELMAX® powdered steel, which provides the ability to take a razor edge, excellent edge retention, strength, and toughness. A stonewashed finish on the blade hides hard-use scratches and makes maintenance easier.

The sweeping lines of the original 0777 are preserved in the lightweight carbon fiber handle that nestles securely in the hand. An inset liner lock secures the blade.

The 0770CF opens quickly and easily thanks to SpeedSafe® assisted opening and the built-in flipper. A deep-carry pocketclip ensures it rides securely in the pocket. For a final touch of class, ZT adds a handsome oversized pivot.


0770CF specifications:


Steel: ELMAX®
Handle: Carbon fiber
Blade: 3.25 in. (8.3 cm)
Closed: 4.3 in. (10.9 in.)
Weight: 3 oz.
MSRP: $225


Zero Tolerance & Emerson Team Up on Two New Knives

• Both will feature the Emerson’s patented “wave shaped feature” opening

TUALATIN, OREGON— Zero Tolerance and Emerson Knives put their hard-use heads together to create two new ZT knives: the 0620 and the 0620CF.

Both feature premium blade steel. Both feature the famous Emerson “wave shaped opening feature.” Both honor their commitment to innovative technology, award-winning design, and top-quality craftsmanship.

The patented Emerson “wave shaped feature” enables each of these new knives to be opened as it is removed from the pocket. By the time the knife has been fully withdrawn from the pocket, the blade is deployed and ready for use. A small wave-shaped tab on the top of the blade is built to catch on the pocket seam, opening the knife as it comes out of the pocket. This Emerson instant-open feature is a favorite among military, rescue, and law enforcement knife users.

Both knives feature a modified tanto style blade that locks securely into place with a sturdy frame lock. Hardened steel inserts in the lockbar make it extra durable. The 0620’s blade is ELMAX® steel with DLC blade coating, while the 0620CF’s is M390 steel with a stonewashed and satin finish.

0620CF Open Back 0620CF_tilt_render

0620CF specifications:


Steel: ELMAX®, DLC coating
Handle: G-10 front, bead-blasted titanium back
Blade: 3.6 in.
Closed: 4.9 in
MSRP: $250

0620 specifications

0620 Open Tilt 0620 Open Back


Steel: M390, stonewashed & satin finish
Handle: G-10 front, bead-blasted titanium back
Blade: 3.6 in.
Closed: 4.9 in.
MSRP: $300

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Umpqua Boats Details New Angler Series Of 15-, 17- And 19-footers


The new Angler series boat by Umpqua Marine Boats is a boat built for fisherman by a fisherman.

The open design with rigid gunnels and hardened 6061 bottom Chine provides a durable and secure craft for navigating rivers lakes and bays.


Long time Oregon River Guide Larry Averett and his team have come up with an affordable boat that still incorporates nice options into the design, like a crab pot puller that doesn’t need any additional bracing.

Featuring diamond plate finish that can be polished or painted in any color, it is a sleek looking launch that will garner a second look, no doubt about it. And at a price that is reasonably obtainable.

Available in 15’, 17’ and 19’ or will build to suit, check out this sleek new line at

Six Shooter Shaving Co. Introduces Specialty Shaving Brushes, Accessories For Gun Enthusiasts

Established by veteran Tim Robbins in 2012, Six Shooter Saving Company designs and manufactures specialty shaving brushes and shaving accessories that cater to the gun enthusiast.


Crafted in quality, each shave brush promises to change the status quo of your morning shaving routine. With a strong attention to detail and authentic-looking shell casings, Six Shooter Shaving Company, offers a brush that not only demonstrates exceptional quality but will enhance the mundane task of your morning shave.


Your shaving experience will never be the same when you reach for your “Six Shooter.”

For more information:

Magna-Arm Gun Magnet

Bahama, North Carolina: Magna-Arm Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the new and improved Magna-Arm Gun Magnet. In development for over 9 months, Magna-Arm is now even stronger, and more durable than the original.

If you need to keep a gun nearby in your home, office, or vehicle, Magna-Arm is the product you’ve been looking for. Magna-Arm is a powerful rare-earth magnet with a protective rubber surface that allows gun owners to quickly and easily mount a firearm out of sight, in many places.

Magna-Arm users may mount a gun horizontally or Vertically­­ Magna-Arm will hold
securely. Magna-Arm holds up to 15 pounds, and works great with all guns, including polymer-frame pistols, revolvers, Shotguns, and rifles. The Magna-Arm Gun Magnets are proudly made in the USA.

Magna-Arm, Inc. is based in Bahama, North Carolina and is a Veteran-Owned smallbusiness. For more info: contact us at or

Case Cruzer: Carrying cases geared for travel

Here’s the latest from CaseCruzer:

2-Pack Quick Draw Gun Case: Preppers appreciate the importance of firearm safety. The CaseCruzer 2-Pack Quick Draw accommodates semi-automatic handguns up to 9.25 inches and revolvers with a barrel length up to 4 inches. The interior slots store handguns in a quick-draw position. Handguns are protected against water, air and dust. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

WineCruzer : The WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO carrying case is a mobile mini-wine cellar by CaseCruzer that accommodates up to eight bottles of wine, where four bottles can be stored on the lower tray, and the remaining bottles on the upper tray.

For more information, go to,, or call (800) 882-4730.

Cruzer Gun CaseWine Cruzer

RaddLock makes semi-auto rifles California-compliant

RaddLock's easy-to-install kits quickly make your off-list semi-automatic rifle "California compliant.".

RaddLock makes easy-to-install-yourself kits that make your off-list semi-automatic centerfire rifles California-compliant, turning them into “fixed magazine” rifles, which are not subject to the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989.

RaddLock’s design philosophy is to make these kits as unobtrusive as possible and fully-reversible so that you can enjoy both the form and function of your rifle as it was meant to be.

RaddLock is a design and manufacturer of California firearm compliance products such as Magazine Lock devices, Magazine conversion blocks, and Single Shot Pistol Conversion Kits. We make magazine lock device for firearms such as AR, AK, HK, FNH, and many more.

We currently do not sell directly to the public, but our products can be found in many retail firearm shops that sell to California, such as Riflegear (Fountain Valley, CA), Sacramento Black Rifle (Sacramento, CA), Parallax Tactical (San Diego, CA), and Atlantic Firearms (Bishopville, MD). You can visit for more dealer locations and product information.

All RaddLock products come with lifetime warranty against manufacture defect.

Our most popular product is the AR RaddLock BDE-701. Our priority on this product as with all our other products is form and function. It is designed around the shape of the original magazine release button with CA compliance feature in mind. It comes in 4 different colors: Black, Red, OD, and FDE. Installation and removal is simple with the use of the included key tool or any standard small flathead screwdriver. All of our products are manufactured in California.

Information:, or email for more information.

P-Line enters soft bait market with Kick’R Minnow Series

The new Kick’R Minnow series from P-Line will give anglers a great new lure option for the 2013 tackle season. These custom hand-poured soft plastic baits have proven effective in both fresh-and saltwater fishing applications during field testing.

“Our ultimate goal was to develop an Alabama-rig bait which could be fished at a very slow speed,” stated Don Newman of P-Line. “The bait had to be soft enough so the tail would ‘kick’ when crawled in deep water when anglers are targeting bass during the winter, which is why an injection bait simply was not an option.”

Once the project started it was obvious a single size would not do justice to the line, which is why the Kick’R Minnow will be available in three sizes, 4-, 5-, and 6-inch versions. The initial introduction will include six colors: albino chartreuse, light hitch, smokin pearl, rainbow trout, sexy shad, and disco pearl.

“We knew the Kick’R had the chance to cross into both fresh- and saltwater markets,” Newman said. “Swimbaits have incredible versatility, so it was no surprise when our field testers started reporting success using the Kick’R on tuna, smallmouth, speckled trout, striped bass, lingcod and multiple other species. It’s inevitable the color selection will have to expand to cater to these other fisheries, but our primary focus is the largemouth bass market.”

The baits have an additional feature which is a light anise scent, a proven fish attraction smell which is sure to have fish hold onto the bait for a few extra seconds, allowing the angler enough time to set the hook.

The suggested retail for the Kick’R Minnows is be $4.99.

For additional information on P-Line Kick’R Minnows, log onto or check them out on Facebook.