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Flush and Shoot

Watching good dogs work over a first-person pheasant hunt will keep you warm and have you looking for your shotgun.
Here’s a nice video that will only take up a few minutes of your time and keep you from forgetting that beautiful pointer laying on the dog bed beside you.

Enjoy a little pheasant hunting from the comfort of your living room while you clean the 12-gauge. We’re out here waiting for you.

That looks like some good fun! It’s probably a pheasant club somewhere since the birds were letting the dogs and hunters get right up on them.

Some of us in the hunting community will cringe at the sight of any pointing breed creeping on a bird when it should be holding the point, and worse, chasing on the flush.

Maybe the hardest thing for me was with 40 seconds left watching the dog bring back a downed bird and dropping it at his feet, only to watch it break and flush again. We taught our pointers (with the help of professional trainers) to hold until given the “out” command, and it saved a few wounded birds from escaping.

by Craig Raleigh

Sources: I Love Hunting Facebook

Fast Shoot 3 Bucks in 35 Seconds

While participating in a party hunt, this hunter (John Oens) shoots 1 ten point and 2 eight point bucks in 35 seconds with an Ithaca Deer slayer III with a 20 gauge. The first buck is at the 200 yard range but the Hornady SST slugs does its job.

This shooting skill is off the charts. Try doing this, yourself! It’s difficult task to harvest two bucks in one hunt, much less three.

The hunter and his uncle are driving the deer which forces them up on their feet and gives the hunters their shots. Though it seems like he shoots a lot, the hunter is a pretty good shot by downing three deer with limited ammo locked and loaded.

All three bucks are good sized deer. The gun is pretty darn accurate as you can tell by the first semi-long distance shot to finish off the first deer behind the tree.

When it’s all said and done the hunter harvests two 8-pointers and one 10-pointer in 35 seconds.

Video Transcription

Alright, just to give you some background before all the shooting starts: I’m making a Deer drive with family and friends when I’m walking through the center of this piece, and I notice that herd of deer are trying to cut out the side of our drive. So I picked out a nice buck at what looks like about two-hundred yards, he stops with his head just behind a tree, and I take a shot.

[Shooting and pursuit]

Alright, so while I’m working my way up this hill to check on my first buck I shot at, I wanna tell you about the shotgun that I’m using. I’m shooting the Ithaca Deer Slayer III, chambered in 20 gauge. This was a 200-yard gun. It’s accurate, it’s reliable, it’s made like a rifle, and it looks like a shotgun. And I’m shooting Hornady SSTs out of it.

Alright, let’s take another look at this thirty-five seconds of shooting. Buck number one at the top of the hill, he goes right down. Then I fire a couple more rounds at these bucks that’re running. They run toward my uncle, and you’ll hear him shoot a couple times. I shoot at another buck, and then two more come from back by my uncle. So buck number two is hit, buck number three is hit. Then this shot finishes buck number three.

So here we are back to buck number one, looking for him, I’m making my way to the top of the hill, and then I see him move. I’ll take one more shot to put him down. I just approach him to make sure that he’s finished off, and he’s a decent eight-pointer. Then I have to go track down buck number two. Here’s number three, he’s still down. Decent little eight-pointer. Then I look for blood and find some, and here’s buck number two. Nice little ten-pointer. That’s three bucks in thirty-five seconds. Some meat in some freezers, another good day for me.

Sources: petenrock Youtube, Nathan Unger

2016 Compilation of Wild Boar Hunt

For some families if into hunting, it’s spending time with family and friends in the woods, especially by doing a wild boar and deer drive.

There is nothing like a good ol’ day in the woods with the gang armed with their favorite long guns, rounding up some hogs and deer.

It definitely tests your skills to shoot ethical shots on the run, can help reduce the boar herd and manage deer herds.

Bottom line, we enjoy hunting, and this is just one tactic that when it comes together, it can be a fun hunt.

Or maybe this version:
We all know that wild boar play havoc on the local ecosystem. They’re invasive, they’re potentially very dangerous, and they aren’t exactly good for the landscape.

That in mind, here’s a compilation of boar hunts and shooting. While these boars (and a few other animals) make tracks, the hunters put them down quickly in the name of conservation– and a good Pulled Pork sandwich or Hawaiian BBQ.

In most -if not all- cases, wildlife officials are more than happy to get rid of wild boars before they start making litters and breeding like mad– or worse, injuring somebody! With the amount of fat and muscle they have, they’re not necessarily easy to put down, and can have sharp tusks that cause serious damage.

It’s good to see hunters taking part in helping the environment in a way that makes for plenty of meat for the freezer in the process.

by Sam Morstan

Source: Potterek81 Youtube

Three for a Buck

Finding a three-legged mule deer is rare. It’s even more uncommon to see an antlered doe.
With all the predators in the West, it’s extremely uncommon to see a mule deer with a significant handicap. Not only does it make them an easier meal for coyotes, bears, wolves, and cougar, but it makes them more susceptible to malnourishment and weather.

Taking that into consideration, you would probably feel pretty lucky to come across such a sight. But, what if you that three-legged mule deer was an antlered doe? You imagine no one would believe you unless you have a video of it.

Tammy Russell Facebook captures this on video below!

In Tammy’s Facebook post she says:

Doe with velvet horns and her three legged velvet friend. Anybody who knows deer knows that does don’t have horns and there shouldn’t be any bucks with velvet horns this time of year. Unless its also a doe or been castrated. In the comments section of Tammy’s post she added:

We were looking for nuts on both them but couldn’t see any then the one pee’d. [We’re] thinking they may both be does. If the bigger one is not a doe then its nutless.
What do you think? Is the three-legged mule deer a buck or antlered doe?

Another version is:

Occasionally, you see a doe with antlers.

Occasionally, you see a buck with velvet on his antlers in December.

Occasionally, you see an animal with three legs.

How often do you see a deer with velvet antlers in December and three legs?

This funny critter seems to have no problem walking around and hopping fences and navigating snow with three legs, whether it be Buck or Doe.

Here’s to hoping for a long and interesting life for this grass-muncher. It’ll be neat to see what comes of them!

by Sam Morstan

Source: Tammy Russell Facebook, Dominic Aiello

Bucks in a Bloody Fight

As hunters, we live for moments when bucks are active or vocal while in the deer woods. It is not always that hunters witness another buck kill one of its own.

This bloody buck fight is a rare sight and hardly occurs much less in front of hunters.

This hunter luckily took his video camera into the woods on the right day. One buck encroached on another buck’s does, and the older buck left no question about who was boss.

However, after this buck’s victory he can’t handle the infamous snort wheeze. The rut can be to the demise of even the smartest bucks when it comes to locking down with does. This buck experiences victory and defeat moments later.

by S Morstan

Coyotes has a big Impact on Deer Population

When coyotes pack up, big game is no match for these killers. Witness this stunning game camera footage of a whole pack of coyotes on the hunt.

Seeing fewer deer this season? Well a coyote pack this size or larger just may be devouring your game.

A single coyote is a formidable predator. Now, combine multiple coyotes, and their killing power increases to large game with no issues. Craig Kavajecz shared on Facebook a video that just may shock you. At least eight coyotes by our count make their way down this trail in search of prey. Now, that is a team of killers with a swagger.

If coyotes are in your hunting territory, let them know who’s boss. If not, expect to see less game next season.

Source: Craig Kravacjecz Facebook, Eric Nestor

Bear Pranking

Would you this to your co-workers?


Or not.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Sometimes office teasing goes a little beyond “Go pick up a bottle of elbow grease” or “See if you can find me the level straightener”, and delves into the pre-planned pranking. case in point: The “bear” milling around outside! On a construction site, seeing a bear probably isn’t all that far from the realm of possibility. I’ve never been one to tease somebody for having a functioning Fight or Flight reflex, though.

What do you think? Seen or done any good pranks lately? I’m sure we’d love to see some ideas… purely for scientific reasons, of course!

by Sam Morstan

Source: Chassomaniak Facebook

11 Yr Old boy with Cerebral Palsy Blood trails First Buck

It’s a heart warming video that will make you smile. This video courtesy of Dana Sanders is just that. Watch this young boy with Cebreal Palsy track a deer, and there will be quite the big smile on your face.

It’s definitely a Kodak moment with family. The fact that this family was able to have this experience is something they are sure to never forget.

Source: Dana Sanders Facebook, Alex Comstock

Duck Hunting in the Sea

Does it count as ‘sharp shooting’ if it’s birdshot? Well these guys are trying to find out. Landing three sea ducks in one fly-by,this handfull of hunters does a pretty great job of putting some duck on the table.

I wonder, does sea duck taste much different from any other kind of duck?

Watch as they harvest several impressive birds over the deep blue sea.

Judging by the accuracy of those shots, these guys were seasoned hunters and found duck hunting in the sea to be fulfilling. They were able to take down many birds and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Did you see the water splash around the ducks when the hunters took their shots? It look as if the bullets were hitting the duck and the area all around it on several occasions.

Source: Jeff Coats Youtube